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April 9, 2012

What is it like to live in a freshman residence hall and dorm room?

Moving away from home and transitioning into college life can be both exciting and intimidating, especially when it comes to moving into a tiny dorm room in a freshman residence hall. All residence halls have their own unique way of life and set of rules so when you are choosing your housing preferences, be sure to get a little background information about where you would be living to make the best choice for you. Just remember to…

Expect Challenges

Living in a residence hall comes with challenges, the worst being noise and space! So learning to deal with noisy neighbors, crowded bathrooms, and sharing a small dorm room with a stranger are all realistic challenges for an incoming freshman. Sometimes you just need to DEAL and other times noise canceling headphones can be your best friend. Seriously!

Be a Team Player

Most residence halls meet to create a list of rules that everyone is expected to follow, so be sure to participate and voice your concerns at these hall meetings.

Get to Know Your RA

RAs exist not only to make sure that you are following the rules but to unite your hall and help ease your transition into dorm life.

Get to Know Your Fellow Hall Mates

Residence halls often provide hall activities so that those who live there can mingle and spend time together. Making the effort to get to know your fellow hall mates can lead to great friendships and a good support system for college.

While the prospect of living on campus in a freshman residence hall with total strangers may seem intimidating right now, at the end of the day, it will prove to be one of your most exciting experiences yet.

Live Dorm Smart!

Choosing Between An Old Friend Or Someone New As A College Roomie

Let’s face it. One of the biggest adjustments you will make when moving to college is moving into a residence hall. Unfortunately, most dorm rooms in freshman residence halls do not feature glamorous apartment style living where you have your own bedroom and personal space. In all likelihood, you will be sharing a cramped room, smaller than your bedroom at home, with at least one roommate. While the prospect of doing this with a complete stranger seems terrifying, making the decision to room with an old friend can be a far worse experience.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing between an old friend or someone new as a college roomie:

Life Experience 

One of the benefits of attending college, other than getting an education of course, is gaining new life experiences. Learning to live with someone new at college is exactly that… a new life experience! It’s also a great way to branch out and meet new people of varying backgrounds, expanding your horizons.

Personality Traits

Choosing to room with a friend can put a lot of stress on a relationship. Just because you get along well with your friend at school or when hanging out does not mean that you can live together in harmony. Maybe you admire that your friend is the spontaneous one who could care less about what others think while you are the clean and responsible one. This could translate into your trying to adjust to a disorganized roommate when you need organization to make good grades. Spontaneity may be something you need in small doses. So to save your friendship you may want to take advantage of your school’s housing tools to find a roomie with similar personality traits that will translate into a well organized and clean living space for you.

Setting Boundaries 

The idea of moving into your dorm room with a stranger can be intimidating, especially the first time you do it! The idea of rooming with an old friend may seem more comfortable because they are like family. Speaking of family… remember those times at home when you fought with a sibling over clothing or when your mom got mad at you for taking her hairspray? When you have a new roomie, you’re not as comfortable borrowing their things without permission. It’s much easier to set clear boundaries when living with someone new. And if it doesn’t work out with your new roomie, it won’t cost you an old friend.

Regardless of whom you choose to room with at college, be sure that you have agreeable personalities and can set clear boundaries.

Live Dorm Smart!

July 30, 2010

Selecting Your First College Roommate... Get the Dorm 411!

By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO
Creator of

For college bound freshman, selecting your first roommate can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips to aid you in your roommate search:

Tip #1 Don’t Procrastinate

Instead of shying away from the process and procrastinating, be sure to take full advantage of the tools provided by your university housing office as they become available this summer (i.e. university approved roommate questionnaires and online tools…).

Tip #2 Be Honest About Yourself

Be honest about yourself to increase your chances of finding a roommate who is compatible with you (i.e., shares similar schedule, living habits, and interests…); somebody with the same expectations of the roommate relationship.

Tip #3 Don't Room With Your Bestie 

If you want to keep your best friend throughout college, you may not want to be their roomie. Be open minded and use this experience as an opportunity to make lifelong friends in college.

Good luck in finding the best college roommate for you and remember to live dorm smart!