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November 25, 2014

How to Prepare Your Dorm Room for Winter Break…

"...Fall semester is coming to an end and winter break is just around the corner so be sure to prepare your dorm room for winter break before heading home for the holidays, read on..."

10 Things College Students Should Do to Prepare Their Dorm Room for Winter Break
  1. Lock Up Your Valuables… If you cannot take them home with you, it is important to remember to lock up your valuables in a secure place such as your dorm safe or college trunk.

  2. Insurance… Make sure your insurance policy is up to date to cover potential theft and prepare an itemized list including serial numbers of your valuables, snap a photo or two. Take this information with you.

  3. Defrost & Clean Your Dorm Room Micro fridge... before leaving campus for winter break. Dispose of all perishable items. Unplug your unit from the wall, leaving the door slightly ajar to prevent moisture buildup and smells. Hopefully, you have an auto defrost unit. However, if your mini fridge freezer is manual defrost, be sure to check your manufacturer's user manual about how to defrost your freezer; or has a great mini fridge defrosting guide to assist you.

  4. Unplug All Electrical Appliances

  5. Clean & Organize Your Dorm Room… You will be busy with Spring Semester upon your return to campus so get your dorm room in order before you leave for winter break. Clean and organize your desk, closet… your entire room.

  6. Wash Your Laundry… Wash your clothes and dorm bedding prior to leaving campus, unless of course, you are taking your laundry home to mom. You will be tired from all the excitement and travel when you return to campus so a clean bed will be welcome.

  7. Take Out Your Trash… Do not leave a future science experiment in your dorm room! No one enjoys returning to a smelly moldy dorm room after winter break.

  8. Lower Your Thermostat... Your housing office should have a recommended temperature to save on heating costs without damaging your valuables while you are away.

  9. Secure Your Windows

  10. Lock Your Dorm Room Door

Just a few tips to live Dorm Smart! Happy Holidays!

October 25, 2014

Halloween Gift Baskets for Students

Spooktacular Halloween Gift Baskets for Students

Feeling nostalgic... maybe missing Halloween with your campus bound student? 

While it may not be the same as being there, celebrate the holiday with your student by sending a Halloween Gift Basket to their campus. DormSmart offers Free Standard Ground Shipping and Expedited Services on all gift baskets and care packages for students.

Just visit to let your student know you are thinking about them on Halloween!

Live Dorm Smart!

March 12, 2012

Stuck On Campus Over Spring Break? Plan A Staycation… Get the Dorm 411!

Not every college student can afford a trip over spring break, which may mean staying on campus. Instead of stressing about it or feeling left out, be proactive and plan a staycation! There are plenty of things you can do to create an affordable, fun-filled, and relaxing Spring Break Staycation on and around your college campus.

1.  Be a Tourist

You may be surprised by all of the interesting places you have yet to see in your college town (i.e. zoo, museums, parks, and historical landmarks…). Take this time to explore and learn more about your new home as a tourist.

2.  Evening Out with Fellow Staycationers 

Staying on campus over spring break does not mean that you cannot go out and have some fun. Check out that new movie you’ve wanted to see or eat at that local cafĂ© that you have wanted to try for some time now.

3.  Be a Fan 

Go out and support your college team! If there are no home games scheduled over spring break, see if there are any minor league games taking place in the city. If whether permits, maybe tailgate before the game.

4.  Movie Night or Game Night 

If you do not feel like going out, try hosting a movie or game night for fellow staycationers in your residence hall. It is a fun and inexpensive way to spend an evening getting to know new people!

5.  Local Happenings 

Most colleges have a resource center that works to connect students with their surrounding city by keeping them informed about local happenings. Stop by your school resource center to get connected to local events taking place in your college town over spring break.

6.  Holiday Celebrations 

If your spring break happens to fall over the holiday, you can plan a celebration with your fellow staycationers. Everyone can bring food and introduce their holiday traditions. This is a great way to experience other cultures and expand your horizons without leaving campus.

7.  Scavenger Hunts 

Planning your own scavenger hunt is a great way for staycationers to get out and explore. Whether on campus or throughout the surrounding city, the search will keep you and your new friends entertained for hours! 

8.  Community Service 

With all of this extra time on your hands, it may be a great time to get in some volunteer hours. Contact your student resource center to learn about local volunteer opportunities available over spring break such as Habitat for Humanity or at a local animal shelter. You and your friends will have fun meeting new people all while helping those in need.

9.  Fun in the Sun 

Some great activities for staycationers in warm weather include going to the park, playing frisbee, getting a team together for a softball game, going hiking, going biking, or even swimming.

10. Get Ahead of the Class 

Once you have relaxed, use the remaining day or two of spring break staycation to get ahead in all of your classes. Read ahead, work on those final essays, study for your midterms, or spend time working on upcoming projects. When school starts back up, you will be relieved that you accomplished so much and did not procrastinate! 

So go ahead … enjoy your Spring Break Staycation and live Dorm Smart!

February 4, 2012

What do I pack for a visit home from college over break?

I don't know what to bring home or
what to leave on campus over break?
To help you pack and make traveling home from college a little easier over break... we've come up with a few tips:

Tip #1 Create a “To Do List”

It is always a busy time on campus before each break. To make life a little easier for yourself, consider creating a quick “To Do List” a week in advance to prepare for your trip home (i.e. prepare your dorm room, packing list, return books, take care of pets…).

Tip #2 Only Pack the Essentials

If traveling home by airplane, only pack the essentials. Most airlines impose hefty fees for additional luggage and overweight baggage.

If carpooling home, remember you have to share the storage space in your vehicle with other students. Depending on the size of the ride and number of passengers, storage space may be limited.

If driving home on your own, remember YOU have to pack and haul everything from your dorm room to your car. Even worse, when you return to campus, YOU have to unpack and haul everything back into your dorm room.

Hint: This may be a great time to invest in a few space saving storage bags to make packing for visits home from college more manageable.

Tip #3 Pack Seasonal Items – Save Dorm Space

If you do have the space in your vehicle, take advantage of it and pack seasonal items you no longer need to create additional space in your dorm room. There will also be less to pack when you return home (move out of your dorm room) for summer break.

Tip #4 Mom

Whether preparing to travel home from college via airplane, carpool, or driving yourself… keep in mind that mom probably has purchased everything you’ll need in anticipation of your visit. If you are unsure about what to pack for a visit home from college, mom is just a phone call or text message away.

As always, live dorm smart!

Home From College But Where's My Bedroom?

When you head home from college during break, don’t be surprised if there have been some big changes at home, including your bedroom, read on...

Home From College But Where's My Bedroom?
When my eldest daughter, Jamie, left for Radford University she told me repeatedly that she was not planning to come home for school breaks. She wanted to travel on spring break with friends and in the summers take on different jobs, maybe by the beach. As a first time parent of a college bound freshman, initially I tried to hang on tight and force her home, unsuccessfully!

Feeling the loss one afternoon, shortly after Jamie’s birthday, I could no longer bear to look at her empty room so I packed up and stored her things, moved her youngest sister into her bedroom... then turned her sister’s room into a personal space for myself. When Jamie finally came home, she felt a little lost and betrayed, as if she didn’t belong anymore. So here is my advice for both students and parents…

Advice for College Bound Freshman

When you leave for college, remember mom and dad may initially feel a little lost. After all, just 24 hours before dropping you off in your campus dorm room far away from home your mom may have had to help you find a missing article of clothing you just had to take to campus while dad probably loaded all your stuff into the car. Just imagine how scary it must feel for your parents to leave you on campus alone. So while you may be feeling that new found independence of a college freshman, don’t pull a “Jamie” and repeatedly tell your parents you are never coming home to live again. While you may not intend it to be hurtful, it does sting a little. To this day, Jamie and I laugh about it because she has moved home on more than one occasion since leaving for college.

If you do come home for summer break to find your bedroom has been turned into an art or photography studio, try not to take it personally. Maybe mom just needed to make changes to help her adjust to your leaving the nest. If your old room means that much to you and you feel robbed of your space, talk to your mom about how you are feeling but keep in mind that you are an adult now and will soon be moving from your dorm room into your first place so does it really matter where you sleep if it helps mom let go?

Advice for Parents of College Bound Freshman

When your student leaves for college, especially your first born, it can be heart wrenching. While you may feel excited for them, you may also feel a sense of loss. Those feelings should pass in time and be replaced with a new found independence of your own, meaning you have a little more time to pursue your own interests. If those interests require the use of your student’s bedroom you may want to ease them into the transition… Don’t let your student come home from college for summer break and be surprised by the changes, work it out ahead of time. Just remember, most of us felt a sense of loss when our childhood bedroom was no longer ours… it’s a natural progression.

Good luck to your entire family this coming school year and remember to live dorm smart!

December 17, 2011

DormSmart Product Review - Twin XL Dorm Room Essentials & Extra Large Dorm Trunk Package ...

You won't hear any complaints from your college bound student when you purchase a Twin XL Dorm Room Essentials & Extra Large Dorm Trunk Package, read on...

Product Review

The Twin XL & Extra Large Trunk Package has all the basic essentials your college bound student requires for an easy move into their campus dorm room (i.e., storage, eating, sleeping, shower supplies, and more...) and all at a substantial savings.

Bottom line, these aren't your typical cheap bedding and trunk packages advertised for a few hundred dollars. Rather these packages contain more than 55 quality dorm smart tested and approved supplies by reputable manufacturers such as Saltwater Canvas, Bentley, Honey Can Do, Picnic Time, Rhino Trunk & Case, Thermos... Students even get to pick their colors, customize these packages to reflect their unique sense of style!

A Dorm Essentials & Trunk Package Deal is an ideal holiday, graduation, or birthday gift for college bound high school seniors, any student preparing for dorm room living.

Available in Twin, Twin XL with multiple trunk sizes!

Live Dorm Smart!

You'll Get Rave Reviews When You Gift's Logo Sports Chairs...

You'll get rave reviews this holiday season when you gift's Logo Sports Chairs!

These lightweight and durable folding aluminum Logo Sports Chairs by Picnic Time make the perfect gift for sports enthusiast and are available in multiple schools, more than 70 colleges!

In addition to being lightweight, a removable shoulder strap makes this chair very easy to carry.

The extra-wide seat (made from durable 600D polyester) and padded armrests were designed for optimum comfort.

The large side flap has a velcro pocket for a cellular phone, a velcro pocket for sunglasses, a large zipper pocket to hold valuables, and an insulated water bottle holder (protected by ThermoGuard).

A convenient side table folds out to hold food, drinks, etc.

The sports logo is embroidered, much better than a decal!

December 16, 2011

How Much Will It Cost You To Haul Your Holiday Gifts Back To Your Dorm Room?

How Much Will It Cost You Haul Your Holiday Gifts
Back To Your Dorm Room?

It is holiday time again and you are preparing to travel home for winter break!

Just remember, all those great holiday gifts you receive over winter break must be transported back to campus, which can be both inconvenient and costly, especially if you are flying!

Consider asking mom, dad, other family members, and friends to purchase gifts certificates for you from some of your favorite online stores or from stores close in proximity to your college campus. This will allow you to easily shop for the perfect holiday gifts for you while saving money by having them shipped to your campus or purchasing them nearby! Even better, you may be able to take advantage of some New Year Sales... more gifts for you!

Just another tip for living dorm smart!

November 11, 2011

My job needs me to work over my next school break but my RA tells me our dorm is closed. What can I do? I need a place to stay... Get the Dorm 411!

Don’t stress! With the proper planning, you are sure to find a safe place to stay near your college campus and keep your job. Here are a few suggestions:

Campus Housing Programs
Check with your campus housing officials to see if they have an alternate housing option available to you (i.e., a residence hall that remains open for students who cannot go home over break or a host family program…).

Friends | House Sitting
Stay with a friend who lives off campus. Even if they are going home, your friend may want someone to house sit for them while they are away, especially if they have pets.

If you are good friends with a co-worker, see if they need a roomie over break.

Sorority | Fraternity House
If you are a member of a sorority or fraternity, see if you can stay at the house.

Campus Organizations
Check for campus organizations (i.e., churches, alumni mentor programs…) that may have rooms in their facility or host families with an extra room in their home where you can stay. For example, Tulane University has the Town Mom Program that consists of area alumni who are there to assist students.

Extended Family of Friends
Check to see if any of your friends have extended family near the campus who can host you.

Just remember when you find a place to stay to be a good roomie. Help your host with the added expenses, cooking, and cleaning. Be respectful of their house rules.

Live Dorm Smart!

December 11, 2010

Boca Terry Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes Now Available With Monogramming at Get the Dorm 411!

By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes By Boca Terry
Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes by Boca Terry are now available with custom monogramming in 8 designs and 21 thread colors at!

These luxurious wraps and robes make the perfect graduation gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift for mom, dad, other family members, and friends... the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion OR just buy one for yourself to use in your dorm showers!

Did I mention that DormSmart's Boca Terry Spa Line is affordable too? So go ahead and pamper yourself or your loved one with our affordable luxury spa line by Boca Terry this holiday season... or anytime! Live Dorm Smart!