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May 31, 2014

High School Graduation Gift Ideas under $100

Need a few high school graduation gift ideas for your student this season?

Here's ten high school graduation gift ideas under $100 available at

#1 Personalized Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag

saltwater canvas shower bag
Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag
Saltwater Canvas Shower Bags feature multiple roomy pockets for holding and transporting all of your student’s shower supplies to and from their community showers. These waterproof shower bags are made out of a virtually indestructible canvas mesh fabric, meaning they dry fast and remain slime free. Best of all, they are available in two different sizes, nine colors, and can be personalized with your graduate's name or monogram, definitely one of our most popular high school graduation gifts this season.

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Bright Blue, Green, Navy Blue and White, Pink, Yellow, Pink and Black, Purple and Black

Price: $21.98 to $36.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

#2 Personalized Sort-A-Sack Laundry Backpack

Sort-a-sack Laundry Backpack - Multiple Colors
This unique, spacious, and durable laundry backpack made our high school graduation gift ideas list because it is designed with the college bound student in mind to make laundry day on campus easy, organized, and efficient. The Sort-a-Sack has two separate compartments for presorting colors and whites, holds up to 3 loads of laundry and supplies, saves dorm room space with its convenient hanging feature, and has washing instructions permanently imprinted inside the backpack for the novice student. These features coupled with this laundry backpack's strong straps and zippered closure make the Sort-a-Sack an ideal high school graduation gift for campus bound students. Personalize one with your graduate's name or monogram, one of our best sellers at DormSmart.

Available Colors: Black and White, Blue and White, Red and White, Pink and White

Price: $34.98 to $46.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

#3 Dorm Room Tool Kit Necessities by Picnic Time

necessities tool kit by picnic time
Necessities Tool Kit by Picnic Time
One can never go wrong gifting a campus bound high school graduate a compact tool kit that contains the necessities essential for small repairs and maintenance while living in a small dorm room or campus apartment at college. This popular tool kit by Picnic Time is a favorite high school graduation gift that will be used by your student for years to come.

Price: $36.78 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

#4 Personalized Spa Wrap or Robe

    spa wraps and robes for graduation gift
    Boca Terry Luxury Spa Wraps and Robes
    Found in luxury hotels around the world, our spa wraps and robes by Boca Terry are made of 100% combed cotton velour to provide students with comfort and secure coverage when traveling between their dorm room and the community showers. Personalize one with an embroidered monogram or name and gift it to your favorite college bound high school graduate.

    Price: $27.48 to $95.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

    #5 Compact Coffeemaker with Semester of Gourmet Coffee


      Compact Coffeemaker and Semester of Gourmet Coffee
      Compact coffeemakers by proven brands include safety features such as no hot plates or glass carafes, auto shutoff, UL Listed, and lower wattage for dorm room use (700 watts or less) plus a semester's worth of gourmet coffee pods for flavorful coffee and easy cleaning, make a Coffeemaker and Gourmet Coffee Package from DormSmart an ideal high school graduation gift for college bound students. Your graduate and their friends will be sure to appreciate your gift during all of those future late night study sessions in their college dorm room and of course the money it will save them by brewing their own coffee.

      Price: $79.98 to $99.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

      #6 10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set

        10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Dinnerware Set
        Our Dorm Room Dinnerware Set includes the essential dishes for dorm room living. This stylish and microwave reheat safe set includes two large 11 inch plates, two small 8 inch plates, two bowls, and four 20 ounce tumblers made of BPA free and break resistant plastic, ideal for college living. Best of all, you can customize dish colors and tumbler colors to suit your student’s decor. This dinnerware set is also available with college logo tumblers to show school spirit.

        Price: $58.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

        #7 College Embroidered Turismo Insulated Backpack

        collegiate backpack
        Turismo Insulated Backpack
        This roomy bag has several spacious pockets to carry all of your high school graduate’s valuables, school supplies, laptop, tailgating gear, and items for outdoor activities at college. The Turismo Insulated Backpack can be embroidered with your student's college logo to make it the perfect high school graduation present.

        Price: $67.95 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

        #8 Personalized Deluxe Fleece Throw Blanket

          Deluxe Fleece Throw Blanket 
          These ample 50" by 60" deluxe throws, made of Beefy LofTek Microfiber Fleece, are extremely soft, ultra thermal, and anti-pilling making them an ideal blanket for students to stayl warm and cozy on those college nights filled with tailgating, sporting events, movies, and just relaxing in their dorm room. Not only are these breathable blankets comfortable, but they are also hypoallergenic, fire retardant, and machine washable, so they are practically made for dorm room living. Better yet, personalize this  throw blanket with your student's name or monogram to make it a special high school graduation gift they will always remember.

          Available Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Black

          Price: $24.98 to $36.98 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

           #9 Graduation Gift Basket

          Graduation Gift Basket Chocolate Oreos
          Does your high school graduate have a sweet tooth? Give them a graduation-themed gift basket full of their favorite candies, snacks, or treats to share in their excitement!

          Price: $28.98 to $71.90 includes Free Shipping 48 US Contiguous States

          #10 DormSmart Gift Card

          DormSmart Graduation Gift Card

          If you are unsure about what to get the graduate in your life, give them a DormSmart Gift Card to put towards the items they really want for their college dorm room. These gift cards feature: handcrafting by DormSmart with a modern twist; simple and easy to send - just choose a gift card dollar amount and provide a short message that will be handwritten to your student; are biodegradable, safer for the environment; have no expiration date; ship free via USPS Priority Mail; and include great customer service from DormSmart.

          Price: Available in $50 increments

          These are just a few of our best high school graduation gift ideas under $100 available on DormSmart’s virtual shelves for your high school graduates. Be sure to check out our thousands of other practical, stylish, functional, safe, and collegiate products available in our gifting section to find the best gift for your college bound freshman while helping to make their home away from home a little more special.

          Live Dorm Smart! 

          March 29, 2011

          Top Ten High School Graduation Gifts… Get the Dorm 411!

          High school graduation for the class of 2011 is just around the corner and everyone is in search of the best high school graduation gift ideas.

          While cash may seem like the best high school graduation gift idea that may not always be the case for every college bound student. For many of us, cash has a way of dwindling away without knowing where we really spent it… maybe on an extra Starbucks or two, dinner out with friends, or a sale we couldn’t resist. It was a great deal… right?

          If you are a graduating high school senior moving to campus this fall, you may want to consider creating a universal high school graduation gift registry that contains all the college dorm supplies you will need for the four years ahead instead of accepting cash gifts. It's the perfect way to budget and save for your college dorm supplies while helping your family and friends select the perfect high school graduation gifts for you!

          To help you get a started, Team DormSmart put together a list of  their most popular high school graduation gifts!

          Top 10 High School Graduation Gift Ideas 
          1. Bed Risers 
          2. College Trunk 
          3. Essentials Compact Tool Kit 
          4. Laundry Backpack 
          5. Microwave Refrigerator Freezer Combo Appliance 
          6. Break Resistant Dorm Dishes 
          7. DormVAULT Safe 
          8. Dorm Storage Organization Kit 
          9. Dorm Bedding (Check to see if you need twin or twin XL bedding.) 
          10. Waterproof Shower Bag

          January 23, 2011

          With high school graduation fast approaching, it's the perfect time for seniors to set up a Universal Gift Registry! Get the Dorm411...

          By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of

          High School Graduation is just around the corner and one of the perks of  graduation... is the gifts! So make the most of the high school graduation gifts you receive while making gift giving easier for your friends and family by setting up a Universal Gift Registry.

          What is a Universal Gift Registry?

          A Universal Gift Registry allows you to add the gifts you really want from Any Online Store, such as, onto One Ultimate Gift Registry! DormSmart includes a selection of gift registries on their product templates to allow you to choose the best universal graduation gift registry for you, such as Wishpot, Amazon, or KaBoodle.

          Bottom line, when you use a universal gift registry for graduation, you only have to manage one registry. Your friends and family only have to look up one registry, browse it, select the graduation gift they want to purchase for you, then just click to be taken to that online store to complete their purchase!

          Even better, if you use a universal gift registry, your friends and family can plan your entire graduation party online using then send a link to your registry in your online graduation party invites. You can even use facebook connect! How easy is that?

          Let's face it; everyone has enough to do preparing for high school graduation so why not make it a little easier and enjoyable by getting started on your Universal Gift Registry today!

          Just another way to live dorm smart!

          December 11, 2010

          Boca Terry Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes Now Available With Monogramming at Get the Dorm 411!

          By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of

          Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes By Boca Terry
          Luxury Spa Wraps & Robes by Boca Terry are now available with custom monogramming in 8 designs and 21 thread colors at!

          These luxurious wraps and robes make the perfect graduation gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift for mom, dad, other family members, and friends... the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion OR just buy one for yourself to use in your dorm showers!

          Did I mention that DormSmart's Boca Terry Spa Line is affordable too? So go ahead and pamper yourself or your loved one with our affordable luxury spa line by Boca Terry this holiday season... or anytime! Live Dorm Smart!

          November 27, 2010

          Dorm Room Essentials & Trunk Package Deals At

          By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of

          Dorm Room Essentials & Trunk Package Deals

          WOW! Furnishing your dorm room just got easier!

          Knowing what to buy to live in a dorm room can be overwhelming and costly, essentially you are furnishing a small studio apartment!

          To make it a little easier on you and your budget, DormSmart put together the perfect dorm room essentials and  trunk packages with more than 55 quality dorm products to cover your basic living needs... from dorm storage to bedding, cooking, shower, security, extra seating to dorm tool kits... these packages have it all! 

          Even better, DormSmart's dorm room essentials and dorm trunk packages can be customized, allowing you to  to select your colors, make the package unique to you and your taste!

          In addition, these packages come with TRUE Twin XL Bedding OR Twin Bedding. Either way, they've got you covered with the essential dorm supplies a student needs to live Dorm Smart!

          These packages make a great holiday gift, graduation gift, or birthday gift for high school seniors...  college bound students... any student headed to a dorm room!

          October 2, 2010

          Rhino Storage Trunks Now Available With An Anchoring Cable System...

          Product Review by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of

          Great News About Rhino Armor Storage Trunks!

          Just when you think Rhino Armor Dorm Trunks couldn't get any better... they do! These college dorm trunks now come with an Anchoring Cable System so that you can secure your storage trunk to a piece of furniture in your dorm room or at camp! How cool is that?About Rhino Armor Dorm 

          Storage Trunks

          College Dorm Trunks and Footlockers, like Rhino Armor Trunks, are one of those multi-purpose must have college dorm essentials to take to campus or even camp to use as secure storage for your college supplies... laptop... or as dorm room furniture, such as a coffee table, an end table, dorm seating… just use your imagination! These dorm trunks are easily stowed in your dorm room and can be securely locked and anchored to a piece of furniture using Rhino's new cable anchoring system to insure the security of your personal items or college dorm essentials!

          College Dorm Trunks / Footlockers / Camp Trunks / Military Trunks... Perfect for Anyone! 

          Rhino Armor Storage Trunks / Footlockers make great camp trunks (summer camp, band camp, cheerleading camp, sports camps, military camps…). Take these storage trunks to use in college dorms, boarding schools, military academies, military barracks, or even on school trips! These storage trunks are perfect for anyone looking for a quality trunk made of hardwood with steel corners, a lifetime warranty, and a color selection perfect for any room’s decor. Storage Trunks / Footlockers by Rhino make great gifts for teens, college students, or military personnel and will last a lifetime of travels.

          Dorm Storage Trunk Options include:
          • 8 sizes
          • 18 Amazing Colors
          • Anchoring Cable System
          • Removable Wheels
          • Electronic Laptop Safe
          • Wordlock or Masterlock
          • Engraved Nameplate
          • Hardwood Tray

          What Makes Rhino Armor Storage Trunks Dorm Smart?

          At DormSmart, we selected the Rhino Armor Storage Trunks as the perfect college dorm trunks / dorm footlockers because they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are ruggedly built, strong enough to stand on. All Rhino Armor Storage Trunks are hand crafted and American made, constructed from the highest quality components: waterproof, dent proof, scratch proof exterior 1000d Cordura sheathing that’s laminated over 3/8" Baltic Birch hardwood plywood (beware of sites selling cheap imitations that use 1/4" materials or don't even mention the materials... these trunks are cheap substitutes and won't be as durable - invest wisely). Even better, all Rhino Armor Storage Trunks weigh about 20% less than steel dorm trunks yet they are just as strong and more durable!

          It's Never Too Late To Order

          So you moved to campus and realize one of these dorm trunks would be perfect to use for storage, security, and seating... just order your trunk and have it delivered to your campus "ship to" address! Live Dorm Smart!

          June 5, 2010

          Great High School Graduation Gift Ideas...

          by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of

          Are you still looking for the perfect graduation gift? Check out these great graduation gift ideas for your college bound student's dorm kitchen... BPA Free, Break Resistant, and Stylish!

          BENTLEY COLLEGIATE DRINKWARE SET -  6 PC (Colorware Dishes)
          (4 Tumblers, 1 Pitcher, 1 Tray)

          (2 Large Plates, 2 Small Plates, 2 Bowls, 4 Tumblers)

          At DormSmart, we searched high and low for the perfect BPA Free plastic dorm dishes and drinkware, one of our biggest challenges to date! We knew that we had to find dorm dishes and drinkware that are durable, attractive, microwave reheatable, break resistant, and BPA Free plastic, dorm dishes and drinkware that are adult looking (not kiddie dishes) for our discerning college students! After numerous hours of testing dorm dishes and drinkware products in our test dorm kitchen, we met the challenge, exceeding our own high expectations.

          Introducing our 10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Dinnerware Set and 6 PC Colorware Collegiate Drinkware Set by Bentley. The quality and affordability of  these dorm dishes and  drinkware are second to none! Our colorful Bentley ExtremeWare Bowls and Plates and our Colorware Pitchers, Trays and Tumblers make a great statement anytime anywhere, the perfect addition to your dorm room kitchen!

          Our Bentley dorm dishes and drinkware will hold up to your demanding college lifestyle and are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Perfect for collegiate living, our Dorm Dinnerware and Drinkware Sets will withstand the test of time so use them for years to come as your lifestyle changes!

          1 - Bentley Colorware Collegiate Pitcher
          1 - Bentley Colorware Collegiate Tray
          4 - Bentley ColorWare Collegiate 20 ounce Plastic Tumblers 6 inches tall, 3-1/4 inches in diameter.

          2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 11 inch Dinner Plates (White)
          2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 8 inch Salad / Sandwich Plates (White)
          2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 7 ½ inch Bowls (White)
          4 - Bentley ColorWare 20 ounce Plastic Tumblers 6 inches tall, 3-1/4 inches in diameter. Choose from 19 colors to fit your dorm d├ęcor.


          Attractive dishes for dorm living. These aren't your grandma's old plastic dishes. The quality is so good, they look like ceramic dishes! Perfect for collegiate living, tailgating ...

          Durable and Versatile, withstanding the test of time!

          BPA-free plastic, a safer choice for your food and drink.

          Dishwasher Safe - Sorry… most of you won’t have a dishwasher in your dorm room, but when you move to off campus housing this will be a must have! (We do not recommend placing any product with a monogram color other than black and white in the dishwasher. The stamp can become damaged.)

          Microwavable-reheat safe (up to 2 minutes - perfect for those cans of soup), a must have for dorm living!

          Lifetime Guarantee on all Bentley ColorWare Tumblers. If your tumbler should crack, just return it to DormSmart and they will replace it free of charge!

          The perfect graduation gift!

          Live DormSmart!

          April 11, 2010

          Get The High School Graduation Gifts You Really Want...

          by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
          Creator of Dorm Smart Living

          We realize everyone is busy with final exams and planning for high school graduation but don't forget to setup a universal gift registry or wishlist such as Amazon, or Wishpot.

          Using a universal gift registry or wish list allows you to shop and select products from all your favorite dorm stores by placing them on one gift registry. Once you've added all your top graduation gift picks, simply send friends and family a link to your gift registry so they can purchase the items you really want and need for your dorm room decor this fall as graduation gifts! Better still, sign up for a free online party planning account at a site like It's a great way to plan your high school graduation party from sending out invites that include a link to your graduation gift registry … to managing RSVPs … to providing directions to your graduation party … even sending out thank you cards! even integrates with your facebook page! How cool is that?

          Just remember, when adding products to your graduation gift registry or wishlist, not to get distracted by free shipping deals or coupons. Don’t get us wrong, we all like getting freebies and discounts. We give discounts and free shipping at Just check your bottom line price and the store's reputation before adding items to your graduation gift registry.The best way to do this is to add the desired products to the shopping cart and calculate the shipping. Since most of us shop for gifts with a budget in mind, this is a great way to maximize those dollars and get more great dorm stuff as graduation gifts!

          Also, beware of cheap or low quality dorm products when shopping! If you have to replace your dorm stuff every school year then it won't be so cheap! Look for quality and affordable smart dorm products when setting up your high school graduation gift registry or wishlist to get the best grad gifts possible!

          Just a few quick shopping tips!

          Post your comments about your best and worst graduation gifts!