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November 24, 2012

The Decision to Go Greek or Not

The Decision to Go Greek or NotFor many of you, it’s time to make the decision whether or not to pledge a Greek organization in the new year. For some students, it’s an easy decision and for others not so easy. The great thing about joining school approved organizations, like Greek, is that they provide students with a platform to network, volunteer within their community and hone their social skills before embarking upon a career.

However, speaking as an executive experienced in handling career development and employment activities for many companies over the years, I want students to understand that while Greek life may open doors for students, it cannot assure them of better career opportunities over non Greeks and should not be a deciding factor. From intern to CEO, my employment decisions and the numerous companies I represented were always based on criteria such as education, work experience, past performance, knowledge, skills, abilities, attitude and motivation… essentially what the applicant could offer the company in that particular job role and in the future. Whether or not a job applicant participated in Greek life was never a consideration for employment at any level.

So if you find yourself struggling with the decision about whether or not to go Greek this year… ask yourself if it feels right for you and if so, how will it benefit you. If you are passionate about it and can afford it, go for it. If money is an issue, there are many affordable and well respected student organizations in lieu of Greek where you can participate and learn. If you don’t have an interest in going Greek, don’t waste your time and money or theirs.

If you do decide to go Greek but are not selected… remember that no one likes to be picked last or feel left out of a social circle, yet everyone has experienced it at some point in their life. As a parent I would remind you that the majority of students in the US are non Greek. I would then tell you to pick yourself up and dust off your boots because there are many student organizations left to explore that may ultimately be a better fit and overall experience for you. Lastly, I would tell you to be supportive of those friends who were selected.

Regardless of what you choose to do… remember that going Greek won’t be the deciding factor in your future. The true predictor of who you will be one day and your success is YOU! So stay in school, participate in lots of school sponsored organizations and activities, study, and always live Dorm Smart!