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January 23, 2011

With high school graduation fast approaching, it's the perfect time for seniors to set up a Universal Gift Registry! Get the Dorm411...

By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

High School Graduation is just around the corner and one of the perks of  graduation... is the gifts! So make the most of the high school graduation gifts you receive while making gift giving easier for your friends and family by setting up a Universal Gift Registry.

What is a Universal Gift Registry?

A Universal Gift Registry allows you to add the gifts you really want from Any Online Store, such as, onto One Ultimate Gift Registry! DormSmart includes a selection of gift registries on their product templates to allow you to choose the best universal graduation gift registry for you, such as Wishpot, Amazon, or KaBoodle.

Bottom line, when you use a universal gift registry for graduation, you only have to manage one registry. Your friends and family only have to look up one registry, browse it, select the graduation gift they want to purchase for you, then just click to be taken to that online store to complete their purchase!

Even better, if you use a universal gift registry, your friends and family can plan your entire graduation party online using then send a link to your registry in your online graduation party invites. You can even use facebook connect! How easy is that?

Let's face it; everyone has enough to do preparing for high school graduation so why not make it a little easier and enjoyable by getting started on your Universal Gift Registry today!

Just another way to live dorm smart!