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July 3, 2017

When Shopping for College, Shop for You!

When shopping for college, remember articles such as this one and tools like our Dorm Room Checklist, are just there for students to use as a general guide of what they may or may not want to bring on campus. Ultimately, it's about you!

For example, some schools actually accept electronic submissions of assignments or offer electronic printing services so you may not need a printer. But if your school requires a hard copy or if you are someone who procrastinates, like my daughter, having a printer in your dorm room may be safer than walking across campus in the middle of the night to print an assignment. Also, some schools charge for printing services and do not offer color options.

For students who do not care about ironing their clothes, forget ironing supplies. But for those of you who like a crease or participate in business or military related student activities that may require one, then bring ironing supplies to campus if policy permits. Just make sure the iron is UL listed and features 3-way auto shutoff, in case it's left on or gets knocked over. Because there is really no need for two irons and ironing boards to take up space in a dorm room, be sure to coordinate with your roommate. As for students who favor steamers, like irons, they too have heating elements; so, if you bring one to campus with you, just make sure it is a UL listed appliance that auto shuts off and is school approved. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to forego using the commercial dryers at the campus laundry to de-wrinkle your clothes. It can become a costly and energy consuming habit.

For those students who enjoy watching television and movies on their laptop or tablet, you just saved a little more space in your college dorm room. However, for those of you who do not enjoy the experience or use your electronics for other activities while watching the television, like many of us, it is fine to bring one with you as long as it is dorm room size.

At the end of the day, it’s your dorm room and you have to live in it. This is your home away from home and you should be able to bring whatever style of bedding, necessities, electronics, or school approved appliances to help you transition to and be successful at college. So get what you need, get organized, hit the books, and enjoy the ride.

As always, remember to check and respect your campus housing policies before shopping and packing for college and live dorm smart!

June 2, 2017

Planning a Smooth Move to College

The best advice I can give to incoming freshman about planning a smooth move to college is to shop and pack early! Speaking from experience, I understand that there are other things students would rather be doing during their last summer before college. Personally, I was more interested in hanging out with my friends and family as much as possible... okay, mostly friends. I was a master procrastinator, failing to realize the amount of work involved in planning my move to college. I had never lived on my own. If my mom had not dragged me through the whole process, I would have been completely unprepared for move-in weekend. Thanks, Mom!

When move-in weekend arrived, I was surprised by the number of students who were scrambling about to find the time to shop for basic essentials like bedding and shower supplies. At my college, students were given a day and a half to move in, unpack and organize their dorm rooms before classes commenced... all while being required to attend "sessions" and pick up their books simultaneously. There was barely enough time for students to move in and unpack let alone go shopping, even with their families lending a hand.

There are a number of advantages for incoming freshmen who plan,  shop and pack early for college:
1. Larger Variety of Products Available
If students wait until the last minute, they may find that many of the products they are interested in purchasing are sold out. Custom and made to order products like bedding, generally take longer to make and ship. Shopping early means that students have the luxury of selecting from a wider variety of dorm room supplies.
2. Quality Check
What happens if a purchase is damaged or disappointing? Shopping early allows students to do a quality check so there are no surprises during move-in weekend.
3. Avoid High Shipping Costs
Shopping early for college helps students to avoid the high costs associated with expediting the shipment of their purchases. If students are in a time crunch, a better alternative may be for students to have retailers ship their purchases directly to their campus.
4. Smooth Move
Shopping early gives students more time to pack properly for move-in weekend. Packing properly is key to a smooth move. My mom has a great system when packing for move-in weekend. Sort and pack your essentials by type (i.e. cooking supplies, school supplies, shower supplies...). As you pack, create a list to bring with you of what each box contains to make locating and unpacking for college quick and easy. If you are able, store you boxes and list for move-out weekend to make packing and storing your dorm room supplies over the summer just as smooth.
A smooth move to you and live Dorm Smart!

- Megan

April 27, 2017

Safe Online Shopping Tips for College Bound Students

It's that time of year again... time to shop for dorm supplies, so Team DormSmart thought we'd give you a few tips for safe online dorm on!

Does the online dorm store provide...
  • Contact information including a phone number. If you call, can you get a person on the phone? We all get busy during dorm shopping season, so it's alright if you have to leave a message but did you get a return phone call or email in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Clearly written store policies?
  • True manufacturer information (i.e. product specifications, warranty information, and brand) versus a store who provides a false brand. In other words, what will the label say when you receive the product? Who is providing the warranty?
  • A secure payment option such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout...

Beware of Spam URLS...

Make sure you are shopping on an actual online store versus a spam URL (a URL that redirects you to another website).We've all seen them lately; you think you are actually on an online retail shopping site or legitimate review site then realize the contact information is lacking or it redirects you to another site... not cool! Run your antivirus software after you have visited one of these spam URLS.

How to deal with Annoying Cookies / Ads...

If you recently visited an online store then started seeing their ads popping up EVERYWHERE, update and run your antivirus software... delete your cookies. You may have a tracking cookie on your system that keeps triggering the ads.

Avoid the Negative Ninny... 

We are all about giving accurate information to student shoppers. We make fact based product comparisons all the time. However, if you come across a retailer who promotes their products by ranting ... making outrageous negative statements about other retailers and their products to scare you into a purchase, you may want to keep shopping! Avoid the negative ninny, find a retailer who promotes quality dorm products based on facts about those products (how they will benefit you) instead of a retailer who promotes their products based on scare tactics using negative advertising.

How to effectively use major search engines shopping feeds when researching dorm supplies...

We have recently noticed a wave of online retailers who are listing their products in different marketplaces, even using different skus or brand names... just to get a sale. The problem for shoppers occurs when each marketplace uploads these same products to a major search engine's shopping feed.  All the results are for the same product by the same retailer being advertised in different marketplaces using different brands, product skus, or price points. These retailers do this to saturate the major shopping engine results with their product in hopes of getting the sale. Unfortunately, this adversely impacts a shoppers ability to choose the best product for them. Our recommendation is to scan through several pages of each shopping engines search results to find the best product for you ... at least until such time technology can catch up with these offenders.

Out of business...

Lastly, there is a new wave of online retail sites where the original retail entity has gone out of business and someone has purchased certain assets such as the brand and domain name ... It is not the same retailer. This does not mean that it is a bad shopping site. However, dorm shoppers should not confuse the previous store's reputation with that of the new website and brand owner. It's an ingenious way to capitalize on the previous owner's reputation and misfortune. Quite frankly, it's misleading to consumers.
What can you do? Review the store policies (frequently asked questions, help section...) to see if they are no longer honoring gift certificates, store credit cards, or orders made prior to a certain date. If you are a shopper who uses customer reviews, focus on reviews about that retailer written after the date they acquired the website and brand (the date they began honoring orders). If all else fails, call the retailer and talk with them to see if you feel comfortable making the purchase.
    Have a safe and fun dorm shopping season and live dorm smart! Always remember, when in doubt about whether or not a product is safe or acceptable for your campus dorm room, call your university housing office before investing in your dorm supplies!

    January 8, 2016

    Planning a Move to Campus for Spring Semester

    Spring semester is fast approaching which means shopping for and shipping dorm room supplies during an already busy holiday season for many college bound students. To ensure your dorm room supplies make it to your campus on time this January, it is important to understand the various shipping services offered by retailers today and their related transit times before shopping.

    Actual transit time is the amount of time it takes your dorm supplies to reach your campus once they leave the retailer’s warehouse. When shopping for dorm supplies, the actual amount of time it takes to receive your order depends upon:

    1.       How long it takes the retailer to process your order;
    2.       The shipping service the retailer chooses to transport your order (transit time); and
    3.       The proximity of the retailer’s warehouse to your college campus.

    For example, if your college campus is located on the west coast and you purchase dorm supplies from a retailer who warehouses only in New York and utilizes a 5 to 10 days shipping service… odds are your dorm supplies will take closer to 10 business days to reach your college campus, maybe more, even if that retailer processes your order within 24 hours.

    So if you are headed to campus this January, plan accordingly…  remember to factor in the time it takes a retailer to process your dorm supplies order, the actual transit time for your order to reach your college campus, the holiday rush, and the possibility of inclement weather.   Bottom line, it’s best to shop early to avoid delays and reduce costs!

    To assist you in your dorm shopping this holiday season, here’s a breakdown of average transit times for standard shipping services typically used by today’s online retailers:

    FedEx SmartPost5 to 10 Business DaysYes
    UPS Ground1 to 5 Business DaysNo
    FedEx Ground1 to 5 Business DaysYes
    USPS Priority Mail2 to 3 Business DaysYes

    Good luck this spring and remember to live Dorm Smart!

    July 27, 2014

    Is it really twin XL bedding if the retail packaging states twin XL?

    Twin XL or Not

    Dorm room shopping season is upon us and as always, it takes me about 5 minutes to locate online retailers, both large and small, that prove DormSmart's theory about how to best classify bedding as twin XL:

    "...when shopping for twin XL bedding, we ask that you look beyond the labeled name of twin or twin XL and focus on the actual stated dimensions. It is more important to us that your bedding actually fits. In other words, labeling it twin XL doesn't always make it so, meaning size matters most..." 

    Two quick examples of what to avoid when shopping for twin XL bedding this season:

    Example One: 86-inch Duvet Covers & Comforters Packaged with Twin XL Sheets

    I came across a teen store today selling really cute bedding essential packages to students with a twin XL bed in their dorm room. Unfortunately, their packages include:

    • a standard twin 86” long duvet cover;
    • a standard twin 86" long comforter insert; and,
    • a twin XL sheet set.

    Red flag, this is a twin duvet cover and comforter insert not twin XL. I don’t care how it is labeled or how well established this retailer may be. I only care about the length of the twin comforter and duvet cover in this package and so should students with a twin XL bed in their dorm room. Why a retailer would choose to invest their money into marketing 86-inch long comforters and duvet covers as twin XL verses actually offering students longer bedding is beyond me. Contrary to popular belief, 90-inch long twin duvet covers and comforter inserts do exist today.

    Example Two: Shaving Off Inches for Cheap

    A dorm room specialty store is selling 88-inch long comforters as twin XL, really cheap. I will admit that they are two inches longer than a standard 86-inch long twin, but your twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than the standard twin mattress so that's pushing it. At DormSmart, we’ve tested different lengths and found that a comforter or duvet cover 90 inches or longer works best on a twin XL bed.

    This store also offers twin XL sheets as an option with their 88-inch long comforter which is great. However, I have never seen a flat sheet, especially for a twin XL bed, measure 90 inches in length. Come to think of it, I have never seen one that short on a twin bed. A standard twin flat sheet is typically 96 inches long. I don’t know if this is a typographical error or if this is how they are offering their sheets so cheaply to students. When I attempted to verify the information, I noticed that some of their sheet sets have dimensions listed and some do not, which makes me wonder why. I can only assume that this expert store is shaving off inches to get to cheap.

    This is just my opinion… you can form yours as you shop for twin XL bedding this season. Just be sure to shop smart, check bedding dimensions before you buy.

    Live DormSmart

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    June 27, 2014

    Is it really your college campus bookstore you're shopping or ... how do you know?

    Since DormSmart was formed in 2009, I’ve witnessed a plethora of specialty stores and big box retailers jumping into the dorm room supplies marketplace or beefing up their ad campaigns. I have also observed many schools trending toward third party providers to manage their bookstores; and, that's ok because universities and colleges are in the business of educating students, not retailing. Unfortunately, all these changes in the market can make it confusing for college bound students to know where they are shopping for campus living supplies and if the products they are purchasing are indeed housing compliant as sometimes implied on retailer websites. Especially, when there are some retailers who present themselves in a manner that makes it difficult for students to discern whether or not they are shopping at their college campus bookstore, a third party managed bookstore, or another retail site altogether. So this is my advice for students when shopping for college campus living supplies:

    Independently check and respect your school housing policies...

    At the end of the day, it won't really matter where you shop for college as long as you independently check and respect you school's campus housing policies; just make sure it is a reputable retailer. After all, it is your signature on the housing contract so it is best to read the policies yourself then shop accordingly. This will ensure that no money is wasted purchasing and hauling products to campus that are considered contraband, a violation of  housing policy. When you start fact checking, you will be amazed at the number of items retailers actually carry in their back to college shopping aisles that are non-compliant or just impractical for on campus housing, even some campus bookstores carry inappropriate items. I recently visited a range of retailers and while I am happy to see them listing their bedding dimensions now, I am still finding products being promoted specifically for dorm room living that are just impractical or non compliant.

    For kicks and giggles, I’m throwing together a short list of the top 10 questionable products I encountered when shopping back to college aisles this year:

    #1 Knife Sets 

    Many campuses have policies about the size or type of knives students may have in on campus housing. Some schools even prohibit knives, let alone a full set.

    #2 Large Pots and Pan Sets 

    While they may not be prohibited, they are somewhat impractical for the typical dorm room with limited storage and no stove. Many residence hall kitchens do have pots and pans available.

    #3 Toasters 

    Most schools prohibit toasters in campus dorm rooms.

    #4 Toaster Ovens 

    Most schools prohibit toaster ovens in campus dorm rooms.

    #5 Electric Skillets 

    Most schools prohibit electric skillets in campus dorm rooms.

    #6 Non UL Listed (or ETL Listed) Appliances 

    Honestly, non tested appliances should not be used in any home, much less student housing.

    #7 Extension Cords 

    Tempting, but NO! Most schools do not allow the use of extension cords and certainly do not allow daisy chaining of extension cords in campus housing. Students should use the appropriate size surge protector with built in overload protection, check with campus housing.

    #8 Oversized Appliances 

    In 2009, I coined the term dorm size meaning students should always use appropriately sized housing approved appliances in their dorm rooms.

    #9 Mountable Wall Decor 

    If you don’t mind giving up your housing deposit or possibly incurring additional costs… but seriously, schools do not want holes in their walls. Also, many schools limit the amount of wall space that can be covered with decor like a tapestry for fire safety reasons. Funny story, a few years ago, I happened across a retailer selling tapestries to students as a multi-use product “…use it on your wall or cover up with it…” – now that made me giggle!

    #10 Glass or Ceramic Furnishings

    When I select items for dorm smart living, I always try to think of a hotel room during spring break. I just hate the idea of seeing a student purchase a beautiful piece of furniture or lamp only to have it break during a get together or between dorm room moves.

    That’s my short list and opinion. As always, check your school housing policies before shopping and live dorm smart!

    More Helpful Resources for Students Preparing for Campus Living:

    May 31, 2014

    How to Shop for College Campus Living

    How to shop for college campus living!
    How to Shop for College
    Over the next few months, college bound students will find themselves overwhelmed by all the hype of shopping for their college dorm room or campus apartment. To assist students, Dorm Smart has compiled three quick tips about how to shop smart for living on a college campus:

    Tip 1: Consult your school student housing policies yourself…

    College bound students or in this case, campus bound, should always consult their school housing policies for what to bring and what not to bring to campus. Don’t take any retailers word for it, even if a retailer states they are “Campus Approved” or “School Approved” stores. What harm is there in connecting with your school and checking their policies yourself before shopping?

    Remember, you are solely responsible for checking and respecting your college housing policies, so do your homework.

    Tip 2: Shop at  home first…

    Once students have consulted their school housing policies and know what they can bring to their college campus, DormSmart recommends they shop at home first to save a few dollars. Afterward, they can compile a shopping list of the items they need to purchase for their move to college.

    Tip 3: Focus on products verses back to college shopping campaigns…

    Regardless of how well a retail store presents themselves in their back to college shopping campaign or online shop, it is important for students to remember these are advertisements to gain sales. It is best to focus on product attributes to ensure they are school approved or appropriate for living in a dorm room or apartment on your college campus.

    Here are a few examples of pitfalls to avoid:
    Example 1:
    During the back to college shopping season, students will find retailers selling “86 inch long” standard twin comforters and duvets as twin XL. Unfortunately, to properly fit an 80 inch extra long twin mattress, a comforter or duvet should be a minimum of 90 inches in length. To ensure a proper fit, it is best for students to check the actual bedding dimensions verses depending upon a package or ad labeling the product as twin XL. Also, students should be cautious of product photos that make the bedding appear longer. Bottom line, while bedding dimensions and their labeled sizes seem to vary in the marketplace, a twin XL mattress is still 80 inches long.
    Example 2:
    Students will undoubtedly come across retailers selling colorful toaster ovens, toasters, hot pots, hot plates, knife sets, and more as dorm room appropriate in their back to college aisles. Many colleges and universities consider these items either unsafe or have restrictions for bringing them on campus. For example, many colleges regulate the size and type of a knife that students can bring into their residence halls and strictly prohibit many small appliances, such as a toaster, in residence hall dorm rooms.
    At the end of the day, whether students choose to shop at DormSmart or another retailer, remember colleges and universities have the final say about what students can bring or not bring into their campus residence halls. So save yourself some  time, money, and frustration by checking your school’s housing policies and respecting them… before shopping for college.

    Live Dorm Smart!

    More Helpful Articles for Students by DormSmart:

    August 8, 2012

    How to Set Up a College Dorm Room Using Smart Dorm Room Essentials

    Join Megan, your DormSmart Studio Host, for's 2012 Dorm Room Reveal. Megan provides students and parents with a practical dorm room tour to give them an idea of how to set up a college dorm room using smart dorm room essentials when they move to campus. Our dorm room tour covers the essentials college bound freshmen need to settle into their dorm room from bedding, shower supplies, dorm size appliances, eating supplies, storage solutions, and wall decor to those often overlooked accessories like a tool kit. Enjoy the video and remember to live Dorm Smart!

    June 29, 2012

    Fun Fact About Dorm Room Supplies Store

    We are a specialty store, meaning we focus specifically on college dorm room supplies.

    Your DormSmart team works 24/7 year round to find new, smart, durable, fashionable, and functional dorm room supplies that will make your home away from home just that…a home.

    That’s approximately:
    • 52 weeks;
    • 365 days;
    • 8,760 hours; or
    • 525,600 minutes a year…

    However you want to count it, that is time Team DormSmart spends researching, studying, and testing products to provide you with the best quality dorm room supplies inventory available, meaning dorm smart!

    We currently have over 7,000 dorm room supplies selections stocked on our virtual shelves and counting, so make sure to check back with our dorm store frequently as we are always striving to improve our inventory for college bound students.

    Live Dorm Smart!

    June 14, 2012

    Parents and students beware when dorm shopping

    Parents and students beware when dorm shopping...

    Or shall we be aware of retailers this dorm shopping season who state that they are their university or college’s only approved vendor for appliances, linens, or dorm supplies… It’s sad to see so many retailers using deceptive practices or a play on words to take advantage of students and parents.

    DormSmart researches more than 2000 university and college housing websites each year and this is what we have learned... While most schools provide housing guidelines as to what to buy for a college dorm room, they do not dictate where to buy college dorm supplies such asappliances,  linens, or dorm supplies. Some schools may have an affiliate relationship with a retailer where they pass savings on to students or raise funds for their school but it's optional not a requirement.

    So shop cautiously and check directly with your school housing office as to their specific requirements of students living in campus housing.

    In other words…

    “Don’t take our word for it… check with your campus housing office!”

    Feel free to use DormSmart’s Campus Housing Connector to connect directly to your university or college housing website before dorm shopping this season.

    Shop safe and live Dorm Smart!

    March 31, 2012

    Quirkiest Campus Housing Rules

    Over the past year, I participated on a project team at, responsible for developing and implementing their new Campus Housing Connector  for college bound students. This tool allows students to connect directly to their campus housing office and get "their 411" (i.e. what to bring and what not to bring...) before shopping for dorm room supplies. During the course of the project, the team reviewed more than 2000 college housing websites nationwide and as a result, came across some pretty "QUIRKY” housing rules that may leave students and parents feeling a little confused or wondering what the... happened on that campus. Seriously, what’s up with that school?

    Here are a few of my personal favorites…

    Campus  Housing Rule #1
    Your refrigerator must not exceed hip height. 

    “Really? Whose hip? Mine, my two year old nephew's, or Shaq’s?”

    Campus Housing Rule #2
    No firearms are permitted in the residence halls except during hunting season. 

    “I am at a loss for words on this one. Somehow knowing that ammunition is not allowed in the residence halls doesn't give me much comfort.”

    Campus Housing Rule #3
    Students are permitted one primarily caged, non-venomous pet per room. 

    “So, whose pet got loose? What was it? And most importantly, did they catch it? How big can my cage be? Can I bring my boa constrictor?"

    Campus Housing Rule #4
    Pets are not permitted in the residence halls with the exception of freshwater, non-flesh eating varieties.

    “That’s a relief! I can bring my pet duck.”

    Campus Housing Rule #5
    Residents can bring in personal furniture, except for water beds, mattresses, bed frames, box springs and loft kits, as long as it sufficiently fits in the room in which it is placed, is not seen as a safety hazard, and all roommates are in agreement with it.


    Campus Housing Rule #6
    Alcohol is not permitted in the residence halls unless it is during an official, school-sponsored party. 

    “What constitutes a school sponsored party? My parents would freak!”

    Campus Housing Rule #7
    No livestock is permitted in campus buildings.

    “I’m wondering whose live mascot they stole and how they got it past the RA?”

    Campus Housing Rule #8
    You must attend all hall meetings fully clothed.

    “As opposed to…”

    All kidding aside, while some of these rules may seem a little out there, the overwhelming majority are spot on. Regardless, it is important to remember that you must follow ALL of your campus housing rules and regulations.
    Live Dorm Smart!

    Need To Know What To Bring & What NOT To Bring To Your College Campus... Get The Dorm 411!

    New Campus Housing Connector Tool From 

    Did you know Team DormSmart reviews more than 2000 university and college housing websites annually to stay current with their housing requirements and improve product offerings to students?

    It is because DormSmart knows that obtaining housing information directly from your school is the best way to know exactly WHAT TO BRING and WHAT NOT TO BRING into your campus dorm room. The Campus Housing Connector for college bound students is meant to encourage students to check their housing policy and avoid costly shopping mistakes.

    So if you find it difficult to locate housing information on your school website and want to avoid costly mistakes, give DormSmart's new tool a try.

    Just another way to live Dorm Smart!

    February 21, 2012

    Camp Supplies = Dorm Supplies = BIG SAVINGS


    Live Dorm Smart Shopping Tip:

    Many students, including college bound students, participate in camp (i.e., sports camp, cheerleading camp, band camp, chorus camp, summer camp...) so invest in quality camp supplies that will last and can be easily transitioned from camp life to dorm life.

    For example, DormSmart's quality wheeled trunks, waterproof shower bags, and laundry back packs… are durable and can be multi-purposed as both camp and college supplies for your busy student!

    Just another way to shop and live Dorm Smart!

    December 17, 2011

    DormSmart Product Review - Twin XL Dorm Room Essentials & Extra Large Dorm Trunk Package ...

    You won't hear any complaints from your college bound student when you purchase a Twin XL Dorm Room Essentials & Extra Large Dorm Trunk Package, read on...

    Product Review

    The Twin XL & Extra Large Trunk Package has all the basic essentials your college bound student requires for an easy move into their campus dorm room (i.e., storage, eating, sleeping, shower supplies, and more...) and all at a substantial savings.

    Bottom line, these aren't your typical cheap bedding and trunk packages advertised for a few hundred dollars. Rather these packages contain more than 55 quality dorm smart tested and approved supplies by reputable manufacturers such as Saltwater Canvas, Bentley, Honey Can Do, Picnic Time, Rhino Trunk & Case, Thermos... Students even get to pick their colors, customize these packages to reflect their unique sense of style!

    A Dorm Essentials & Trunk Package Deal is an ideal holiday, graduation, or birthday gift for college bound high school seniors, any student preparing for dorm room living.

    Available in Twin, Twin XL with multiple trunk sizes!

    Live Dorm Smart!

    You'll Get Rave Reviews When You Gift's Logo Sports Chairs...

    You'll get rave reviews this holiday season when you gift's Logo Sports Chairs!

    These lightweight and durable folding aluminum Logo Sports Chairs by Picnic Time make the perfect gift for sports enthusiast and are available in multiple schools, more than 70 colleges!

    In addition to being lightweight, a removable shoulder strap makes this chair very easy to carry.

    The extra-wide seat (made from durable 600D polyester) and padded armrests were designed for optimum comfort.

    The large side flap has a velcro pocket for a cellular phone, a velcro pocket for sunglasses, a large zipper pocket to hold valuables, and an insulated water bottle holder (protected by ThermoGuard).

    A convenient side table folds out to hold food, drinks, etc.

    The sports logo is embroidered, much better than a decal!

    August 15, 2011

    How to Ship Dorm Room Supplies Direct to Campus

    Take advantage of Dormsmart's Free Campus Ship Program... just enter your student's campus shipping address provided by their University Housing Department as the "Delivery Address" during checkout!

    Need more reasons to use DormSmart's Free Campus Shipping Program...


    If you are in a hurry, DormSmart can ship your purchases direct to your college campus instead of having to move them to campus.


    No additional charges apply at DormSmart when shipping purchases direct to your college campus within the 48 Contiguous US States, it is free. Additionally, students won't have to incur the additional cost of moving their dorm room supplies from home to campus.


    Your dorm room supplies only ship once ... reducing your carbon footprint and saving trees (no additional packaging required).


    Students don't have to pack, transport, and unpack their dorm room supplies multiple times!

    *Free shipping only applies to campuses within the 48 US Contiguous States

    August 8, 2011

    Dorm Decorating: Review of by Mal Pearson, Style and Beauty Guide ... Get the Dorm 411!

    The review below was posted on August 3rd, 2011 by Style and Beauty Guide, Mal Pearson.  Check out and catch her on The Daily Buzz!
    Packing up and moving to college is one of life’s most unforgettable moments. Emotions run high! You’re excited to enter a new stage with new friends and places, nervous about academic challenges, and (admit it!) a bit sad to be leaving home.

    Let’s get real—no dining hall food will ever replace Mom’s home cooking. But you can make your dorm room as homey as possible: after all, it will be your place of residence for almost a year. Finding those perfect pieces to decorate your dorm can get tricky, since everything has to be a triple threat: functional, miniature, and stylish! Shopping for dorm furnishings can be just as tricky and stressful. (Not to mention hauling your purchases home, and then moving them to school!)

    After doing lots of back-to-school research this month, I found an absolute gem: You can find virtually any dorm necessity on the site, from bedding to lighting to tool kits. And the best part is that your purchases ship right to your dorm door at school, which makes your back-to-school move about twenty times easier!

    The site has more than just products, though, so make sure you check it out! You’ll find a supplies checklist, packing tips, an award-winning dorm-living advice blog, and you can even rent textbooks! can make your transitioning to an exciting new stage a bit easier so you can focus on fun and not on stress! (Except for any homework stress… that’s up to you!)

    Dorm Stuff for Guys... College Men Moving to Campus

    In our quest to find the most stylish dorm room decor, sometimes it seems like college guys get left behind. At DormSmart, we have many options in dorm  room decor for guys NOT dorm stuff for boys rather a wide selection of quality and stylish products for college men.

    Guys Dorm Stuff Top Picks

    Pick #1 Dorm Room Trunks

    Check out our Rhino Trunks… they are perfect for the guys to take to college to use as storage and extra seating. They come in gender neutral colors including black, navy, red… the perfect storage trunk for the college man.

    Pick #2 Twin XL Bedding

    We have custom twin XL bedding packages in solid colors such as navy, red, royal blue, green… college guys can even pick two colors to create a reversible twin XL comforter package for those weeks they can’t make it to the dorm laundry.

    Pick #3 Dorm Room Wall Decor

    Check out our Dry Erase Boards or Fathead Wall Decals to get rid of that institutional look and feel in your dorm room.

    Pick #4 Dorm Rugs

    We have sports themed and decorative rugs by Milliken. Milliken Rugs are made of durable high performance and colorfast nylon pile fiber. They are antimicrobial, stain resistant, odor resistant, mildew resistant; and include a 5 Year Wear Warranty that is serviced in the USA by Milliken.

    Pick #5 Dorm Lighting for Guys

    Choose between modern or custom dorm lighting from Lumisource or Lamp In A Box, perfect for the male dorm dweller.

    Pick #6 Dorm Shower Supplies for Guys

    We have waterproof shower bags in black, navy, green... that won't slime up or mildew. These are the original durable Saltwater Canvas Shower Bags featured in several magazines, including O, with the reinforced handle along the entire back side of the bag.

    Odor resistant and antimicrobial bath towels  in solid colors such as black, navy, white...

    Pick #7 Dorm Room Storage Solutions

    Storage solutions including bed risers, bins and hanging supplies by makers such as Honey Can Do.

    Pick #8 Guy Proof Dorm Dishes and Accessories

    We have break resistant, microwave reheat safe, and BPA free plastic dorm dishes by Bentley ... definitely GUY PROOF! Our Snackdown Cooking Bundle has everything they need to get started in their dorm room.

    Pick #9 Compact Tool Kits

    Pick #10 Laundry Supplies

    If you are feeling a little overwhelmed just pick up one of our Dorm Room Essentials and Trunk Packages in Twin or Twin XL … just enough dorm stuff for the a college guy!

    If you waited until the last minute to do your dorm shopping, be sure to use our free campus direct shipping service (48 Continental US States.).

    Just a few options for college guys to live dorm smart!

    July 7, 2011

    Top Selling College Trunks by Size this Dorm Season...

    Can you tell me the most popular size college trunk purchased for dorm rooms by college bound students this year?

    Thus far, our top 3 most popular college trunks by size this dorm season have been our:

    #1 Extra Large (XL)
    #1 Large Trunk
    #2 Extra Extra Large (XXL)
    #3 Medium Trunks

    All manufactured by Rhino!

    Updated 4/6/2014