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August 13, 2011


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August 8, 2011

Dorm Decorating: Review of by Mal Pearson, Style and Beauty Guide ... Get the Dorm 411!

The review below was posted on August 3rd, 2011 by Style and Beauty Guide, Mal Pearson.  Check out and catch her on The Daily Buzz!
Packing up and moving to college is one of life’s most unforgettable moments. Emotions run high! You’re excited to enter a new stage with new friends and places, nervous about academic challenges, and (admit it!) a bit sad to be leaving home.

Let’s get real—no dining hall food will ever replace Mom’s home cooking. But you can make your dorm room as homey as possible: after all, it will be your place of residence for almost a year. Finding those perfect pieces to decorate your dorm can get tricky, since everything has to be a triple threat: functional, miniature, and stylish! Shopping for dorm furnishings can be just as tricky and stressful. (Not to mention hauling your purchases home, and then moving them to school!)

After doing lots of back-to-school research this month, I found an absolute gem: You can find virtually any dorm necessity on the site, from bedding to lighting to tool kits. And the best part is that your purchases ship right to your dorm door at school, which makes your back-to-school move about twenty times easier!

The site has more than just products, though, so make sure you check it out! You’ll find a supplies checklist, packing tips, an award-winning dorm-living advice blog, and you can even rent textbooks! can make your transitioning to an exciting new stage a bit easier so you can focus on fun and not on stress! (Except for any homework stress… that’s up to you!)

July 11, 2011

Hottest Selling Colors for Dorm Decor This School Year Are... Get the Dorm 411!

What are the hottest colors in Dorm Decor this season?

Aside from the trend of decorating a dorm room in those ever popular college colors... the hottest selling colors selected by college bound students, future dorm dwellers, shopping at this school year are:
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Purple
Live Dorm Smart!

August 5, 2010

Fashionable Dorm Decor for today's Fashionistas! Don't just wear fashion, live it... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Most of us enjoy looking great… wearing fashionable clothes or carrying the perfect bag. There’s something about it that is so empowering. Fashion makes us feel great! Shouldn't we also want that same feeling from our dorm décor? After all, transitioning to college is challenging enough so why not make it more enjoyable!

Here are two of DormSmart's and Dorm 411's top picks for fashionistas moving into their campus dorms this fall that are sure to take your dorm decor from drab to fab: 
Fashionista Top Pick #1:
Bungalow Storage Bins 
Bungalow Bins - Available at
At DormSmart, a big part of every day is spent searching out those hard to find great looking, quality dorm products to present to our discerning student shoppers. One of our biggest challenges to date … finding great dorm storage bins that are stylish, functional, and practical. We hit the jackpot with Bungalow Storage Bins! Bungalow Collapsible Storage Bins have fabulous colorful patterns that really make a statement about you and your dorm decor.

On the practical and functional sides, when you pick up a Bungalow Storage Bin, you can feel the quality. These durable storage bins will hold up over time and continue to look great as you move from your dorm room to your first apartment. They are easy to maintain, just wipe them clean. They fold flat for easy storage between dorm moves. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns to hold all your treasures! They are multi functional… some having zipper tops to keep the fashionista’s belongings tucked safely away between seasons! Even better, you can further enhance your dorm décor by picking up a coordinating collapsible trash bin … even a laptop sleeve! 

Barnboard Green Fo flor Rug

Fashionista Top Pick #2:

FoFlor Dorm Rugs by Bungalow

What can we say about FoFlor Dorm Rugs… they are FABULOUS! They are so unique, practical and fashionable. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see one these rugs, you are really missing out… they are the perfect affordable and fashionable dorm rug!

In addition to their great looks, here are the top 10 practical reasons why FoFlor Dorm Rugs are one of DormSmart’s top picks for dorm flooring for our fashionistas:
  1. 100% machine-washable & dryable… your dorm rugs come out looking new every time!
  2. Premium 100% slip-resistant backing with 20% recycled content! It’s never too late to go green!
  3. Each dorm rug has “memory,” and always lays flat!
  4. No wrinkling or creasing after being folded or crumbled between dorm moves!
  5. Low profile allows doors to pass over easily!
  6. Neoprene-type cushion construction provides comfort on those hard cold dorm floors!
  7. Color-fast designs are permanently dyed!
  8. Photo-real image quality!
  9. MicroFibre Dorm Rugs have furniture-grade flocked face!
  10. Made of anti-microbial and stain-resistant microfibers, perfect for dorm living!
So there you have it, two of DormSmart’s and Dorm 411's top picks for our fashionistas’ dorm décor that are frugal, functional, and FASHIONABLE!

June 30, 2010

Get the 411 On Dorm Decor... Check Out!

Check out's new look! They've redesigned their site! It's clean, easy to navigate, and boasts over 7000 product selections perfect for collegiate living. Whether you are moving into the dorms, a suite, or off campus housing, you can find all your college dorm essentials and more at DormSmart!

Don't forget to pick up a copy of their Free Dorm Checklist while you are browsing!  It's the perfect tool to prepare for move-in day this fall!

Did I mention, EVERYTHING SHIPS FREE ALWAYS... no hidden charges, just quality and affordable products for collegiate living ... define yourself with the perfect dorm decor!

May 4, 2010

Don’t trash your EX, just delete them! Dorm Wall Decor...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of Dorm Smart Living

It’s time to throw out those tapestries that look like our great grandmother’s rug and posters or printed photos hung with scotch tape and get a little more high tech and savvy when it comes to our dorm decor!

So, instead of spending all that money on the printer paper and ink, glue dots, dorm tape, two-sided tape… not to mention your time, consider investing in a reasonably priced Digital Photo Frame to stay connected to your friends and family! Initially, it may be seem like an expensive option, but over time, you will come to realize how much space you saved in your dorm room and how much money you saved on those printer supplies! With a digital photo frame, you can easily express your creativity, creating slide shows of all those fun moments in high school and college, moments with your family, friends, pets, and boyfriend or girlfriend. Even better, you can change or delete photos with ease. So, there is no need to trash your EX anymore and fill up our landfills, you can be environmentally friendly and just DELETE them!

Now that you have thrown out those tapestries and printed photos, you can get creative with your dorm wall décor, creating a space more reflective of your own personal style! Consider investing in reusable peel and stick decals, also known as wall stickers, to decorate your dorm walls. They are affordable, practical, and stylish! Whether you are a sports enthusiast, rocker, artist, future politician… whatever your style or personality, you can express it easily and affordably with peel and stick wall décor! You can even invest in a peel and stick dry erase board or chalkboard for your dorm room! And, if there is a photo or two that you really want on your dorm wall, just use light weight photo frames or peel and stick photo frames to get that finished look, much better than scotch tape. The practical uses, cost savings, and style selections are many with peel and stick products. Even better, you can move and store them with ease then use them again next dorm season! How cool is that?