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April 14, 2011

How to make S'mores in your College Dorm Microwave...

So you don't have space in your college dorm room or budget for a lot of kitchen gadgets like a S'mores maker but you love S'mores. Don't stress... here's how to be your own S'mores maker; make S'mores in your dorm microwave in 4 EASY STEPS...

  • Honey Graham Crackers
  • Hershey Chocolate Bar
  • Marshmallows 

STEP 1: Break a LARGE graham cracker in half (One half for the top and one for the bottom)

STEP 2: Place the first half of the graham cracker on a microwave safe plate with a marshmallow on top.

STEP 3: Microwave on High Heat until your marshmallow doubles in size, approximately 10 seconds then remove it from the microwave.

STEP 4: Top it with a chocolate square and the remaining graham cracker then squeeze it until the marshmallow flattens out ... oozing out the sides like a S'more!

Quick and easy to make, S'mores are a budget friendly mid-day or late night study snack that's sure to please a college student with a sweet tooth!

Live Dorm Smart!

September 22, 2010

Healthier Dorm Eating / Cooking Tip...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of Dorm Smart Living 


BPA Free Dorm Dishes by Bentley
Remember healthy eating extends to the type of cookware or dishes you use in your dorm microwave.

Use BPA Free plastic cookware or dishes in your dorm microwave for healthier eating!

Live Dorm Smart!

The Original BPA Free Fasta Pasta
Microwave Cooker - Beware of Cheap
Imitations that contain BPA

August 26, 2010

Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker Makes Dorm Cooking Simple...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of Dorm Smart Living

Fasta Pasta & Mini Cookbook Combo Only $25.40 Delivered
So you want to cook in your college dorm room but really don't have a lot of space for cooking supplies...

Check out the Original Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker and Mini Cookbook Combo available at The Original BPA Free Fasta Pasta cooks spaghetti, fettuccine, macaroni, lasagna noodles, rotini, rice, vegetables, soups, ramen noodles, chocolate cake and more in your dorm room microwave! It is the perfect affordable and space saving microwave cooker for the dorm dweller! The Fasta Pasta is definitely one of those multi-purpose products that we speak about often at Dorm Smart Living.

Let's face it... while it's convenient being on a university meal plan, every now and then you need a home cooked meal or late night study snack or maybe you just want to host a dinner with a few of your closest friends in your dorm room! Don't worry, after months of research, DormSmart has found the perfect space saving microwave cookware solution for students living in a tiny dorm room who just want to cook now and then, the original BPA Free Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker and Mini Cookbook Combo!

With the Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker and Mini Cookbook Combo Package, even the novice can cook pasta to al dente perfection and impress their friends! Even better, use the included cookbook, Use Your Noodle, to make a range of pastas, soups, cakes, casseroles and more in your dorm room microwave or residence hall kitchen in 15 minutes or less! It's the perfect all around compact microwave dorm cooking solution! With it's top, you can even use it as a colander to rinse your vegetables or fruit!

Just another multi purpose affordable Dorm Smart product for the dorm dweller!

Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker Features:

•Saves time, energy and water.

•Use with spaghetti, fettuccine, macaroni, lasagna noodles, rotini and more! Cooks rice, vegetables, soups, ramen noodles and even a chocolate cake!

•Cooks evenly without sticking.

•No boil over.

•Dishwasher safe, BPA Free, FDA approved material.

•Perfect size for dorm living. Esay to clean up and stow away in your dorm room.

•Made in the USA.

NOTE: Beware of cheap knockoffs that aren't made of BPA Free Plastic for microwave safe cooking. Remember, BPA Free, is a healthier choice in microwave cookware, definitely one of those must have college dorm essentials.

DORM SMART LIVING TIP: If your microwave turntable cannot rotate with the Fasta Pasta inside and you don't have an option to turn off your turntable... don't worry... just flip the microwave tray over while cooking with the Fasta Pasta.

August 8, 2010

Dorm Sized Appliances ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of announces their Top 3 Picks for Must Have Dorm Sized Appliances for Students

Because space is at a premium in a dorm room, it is important to select the right dorm sized appliances to take to campus this fall. At, they have done the research for their student shoppers, naming their top 3 picks for this school year.

Prior to purchasing appliances to take to their dorm room, students should check their college or university campus housing regulations to see which appliances are approved for dorm living. In addition, they should buy dorm sized appliances such as coffee makers and irons that auto shutoff.

"It’s so easy for a busy student to walk away or get distracted and leave the iron or coffeemaker on in their dorm room. An auto shutoff feature will ensure their safety and the safety of their roommates. At DormSmart, we hand select appliances that we believe to be safe, affordable, and functional for the college student. In addition, we look for appliances that require minimal maintenance, such as bagless or filter free products,” stated Christi Leslie, Founder and CEO of

Dorm Sized Appliance Top Pick #1:

Absocold’s Cook N Cool Microwave Refrigerator Combo (Runs on One Plug)

The Cook N Cool is an affordable, space-saving, and environmentally-safe refrigerator, auto-defrost freezer, and microwave combination appliance for students to take to campus this fall. This compact unit is so loaded with features, it even has a full-width-see-thru vegetable / fruit crisper. As for quality, Absocold has been in business successfully supplying their products to hotels, the military, and universities since 1969 and has partnered with this dorm season to offer these dorm sized units to students and their families. DormSmart will even contact a student's housing department to ensure the unit meets their requirements.

Dorm Sized Appliance Top Pick #2:

Ergorapido EL1012A Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vac by Electrolux

While cleaning the dorm room may not be the highlight of a busy college student’s week, it is a necessity to keep those germs from spreading throughout the dorms, maintaining student health! The powerful 12 volts of this Ergorapido EL1012A Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vac by Electrolux will make cleaning a little easier. It is the perfect dorm sized lightweight stick and hand vac for cleaning their dorm room or even vacuuming their vehicle, saving budget challenged students a few dollars at the car wash.

Dorm Sized Appliance Top Pick #3:

Hamilton Beach 3-in-One Hot Beverage Center

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-One Hot Beverage Center is the perfect solution for space challenged students moving into the dorms this semester. Students can make coffee, tea or hot water in less than 2 minutes per cup. This dorm sized appliance even has auto shutoff to ensure the student’s safety and the safety of their fellow dorm dwellers.

For additional information on these dorm sized appliances or others, visit

June 5, 2010

Great High School Graduation Gift Ideas...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Are you still looking for the perfect graduation gift? Check out these great graduation gift ideas for your college bound student's dorm kitchen... BPA Free, Break Resistant, and Stylish!

(4 Tumblers, 1 Pitcher, 1 Tray)

(2 Large Plates, 2 Small Plates, 2 Bowls, 4 Tumblers)

At DormSmart, we searched high and low for the perfect BPA Free plastic dorm dishes and drinkware, one of our biggest challenges to date! We knew that we had to find dorm dishes and drinkware that are durable, attractive, microwave reheatable, break resistant, and BPA Free plastic, dorm dishes and drinkware that are adult looking (not kiddie dishes) for our discerning college students! After numerous hours of testing dorm dishes and drinkware products in our test dorm kitchen, we met the challenge, exceeding our own high expectations.

Introducing our 10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Dinnerware Set and 6 PC Colorware Collegiate Drinkware Set by Bentley. The quality and affordability of  these dorm dishes and  drinkware are second to none! Our colorful Bentley ExtremeWare Bowls and Plates and our Colorware Pitchers, Trays and Tumblers make a great statement anytime anywhere, the perfect addition to your dorm room kitchen!

Our Bentley dorm dishes and drinkware will hold up to your demanding college lifestyle and are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Perfect for collegiate living, our Dorm Dinnerware and Drinkware Sets will withstand the test of time so use them for years to come as your lifestyle changes!

1 - Bentley Colorware Collegiate Pitcher
1 - Bentley Colorware Collegiate Tray
4 - Bentley ColorWare Collegiate 20 ounce Plastic Tumblers 6 inches tall, 3-1/4 inches in diameter.

2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 11 inch Dinner Plates (White)
2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 8 inch Salad / Sandwich Plates (White)
2 - Bentley ExtremeWare 7 ½ inch Bowls (White)
4 - Bentley ColorWare 20 ounce Plastic Tumblers 6 inches tall, 3-1/4 inches in diameter. Choose from 19 colors to fit your dorm d├ęcor.


Attractive dishes for dorm living. These aren't your grandma's old plastic dishes. The quality is so good, they look like ceramic dishes! Perfect for collegiate living, tailgating ...

Durable and Versatile, withstanding the test of time!

BPA-free plastic, a safer choice for your food and drink.

Dishwasher Safe - Sorry… most of you won’t have a dishwasher in your dorm room, but when you move to off campus housing this will be a must have! (We do not recommend placing any product with a monogram color other than black and white in the dishwasher. The stamp can become damaged.)

Microwavable-reheat safe (up to 2 minutes - perfect for those cans of soup), a must have for dorm living!

Lifetime Guarantee on all Bentley ColorWare Tumblers. If your tumbler should crack, just return it to DormSmart and they will replace it free of charge!

The perfect graduation gift!

Live DormSmart!