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April 13, 2014

Bed Bug Basics for Students Moving into College Housing

Many students moving into college housing are concerned about bed bug infestations. While it’s smart to buy bed bug protection, students also need to be prepared to react appropriately if they suspect bed bugs in their dorm room or campus apartment.

Basic Questions and Answers About Bed Bugs

Basic Questions and Answers About Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that live by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Bed bugs are generally active only at dawn, with a peak feeding period just before sunrise. After feeding for a few minutes, the bed bugs return to their hiding place.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bites consist of a raised red bump or flat welt, and are usually accompanied by intense itching. Often times bed bug bites may appear indistinguishable from mosquito bites, although they tend to last for longer periods of time. Bed bug bites may not become immediately visible and can take up to 9 days to appear. Bites are often aligned three in a row.

Do bed bugs spread disease?

No. To date, there has been no proof of bed bugs passing disease from host to host. Bed bugs are actually considered less dangerous than some more common insects such as the flea. However, while bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous, some students may develop an allergic reaction to several bites and need medical attention.

What students SHOULD DO if they suspect bed bugs?

Notify their school housing officials IMMEDIATELY and COOPERATE. Colleges and universities are prepared to deal with a bed bug outbreak.

What students SHOULD NOT DO when they suspect bed bugs?

  • DO NOT PANIC! Although bed bugs are annoying, they can be safely eradicated if students cooperate with their school housing officials.
  • Students SHOULD NOT attempt to apply pesticides on their own. Rather, allow your school officials to hire professionals to confirm and eradicate the infestation.
  • Students SHOULD NOT move their mattress or any furniture to prevent further infestation. Moving items into the hallways, other dorm rooms or suites, commons areas, or outside can spread bed bugs. Infested furniture can be cleaned and treated so be smart and keep the infestation contained.
  • Students SHOULD NOT go to sleep in a friend’s room or in places off-campus if they suspect bed bugs; doing so will actually spread them to others.


May 6, 2012

Staying on Campus for the Summer

The idea of living on campus during the summer may seem a little dull at first. You miss your family and friends from home, and your college friends seem to have all disappeared after finals. What is there to do in this ghost town? Relax! Regardless of your reason for staying on campus this summer (i.e., taking classes, working, or being involved in an extracurricular activity), there are plenty of affordable ideas to keep yourself entertained and to make your summer a memorable one.

1. Get Adventurous

Be a tourist in your college city. Attend a local athletic event. Seek out the local attractions such as the zoo, museums, parks, restaurants, shops, and historical landmarks.

2. Get Ahead

Use your spare time this summer to your advantage when it comes to your studies. Prepare for next semester by buying or renting your books early, reading ahead, organizing your materials for each class, and perfecting your schedule.

3. Get Involved

Community service is a rewarding way to spend some of your extra time this summer. Not to mention, you will be fulfilling some volunteer hours. Consider getting involved with Habitat for Humanity, a local hospital, or even an animal shelter. Contact your student resource center for more information.

4. Get Active

It's summer time! There are always plenty of great activities to do outside such as playing Frisbee, running, hiking, biking, swimming, visiting a local park, or even joining a recreational league softball team for the summer. Consider starting a new workout routine at your school gym!

5. Get Sociable

Chances are that you are not the only student staying on campus this summer. If none of your friends are on campus, get to know some of your fellow summer residents. Invite them to a night out together. Host a game or movie night. Plan a scavenger hunt. Make plans with your fellow residents for the fourth of July!

These are only a few examples of what you can do to make your summer fun-filled and exciting. So...Start enjoying your summer and live Dorm Smart!

August 10, 2011


With campus move in day fast approaching for many college bound students, it’s important to prepare BEFORE leaving for college. Here’s a few quick tips from Team DormSmart to make campus move in day go a little more smoothly…

TIP #1: Shop before Campus Move In Weekend

Campus move in weekend is INSANE! Many colleges have mandatory orientation sessions scheduled for parents and students over move in weekend leaving little time to unpack, let alone shop. It is best to shop for dorm supplies prior to move in weekend and pack them so that they can be easily located and unpacked. Grab  a copy of our Dorm Supplies Checklist to help you prepare and pack.

TIP #2: Check University Housing Regulations

Before shopping, check your university housing regulations for your dorm room. Let’s face it, everyone is feeling the budget crunch so you don’t want to waste money buying non compliant dorm appliances … any dorm supplies that may be considered contraband and confiscated.

TIP #3: Measure Your Dorm Room 

Every inch counts when planning and organizing your dorm room. If you have access and can get actual measurements, be sure to measure the room at the floor level to account for any base moldings or trim; meaning it may not seem like much but floor moldings and trim can take inches off an already small dorm room.

TIP #4: Know What Furniture You Need to Bring

What furniture does your school provide? Are you able to bring your own or required to use theirs?

TIP #5: Know the Shape and Size of Your Dorm Bed Legs

The one recurring problem we hear about from college students at DormSmart… the bed risers they picked up at the discount store don’t fit! If you are planning to raise your dorm bed for additional storage know the size and shape of your dorm bed legs to ensure your bed risers will fit properly.

TIP #6: Count the Outlets

Know how many outlets are in your dorm room so that you can purchase the right amount of surge protector strips with overload protection; make all your electronics work.

TIP #7: Get Ready for Campus Networking 

Don’t forget networking cables! While wireless access generally works in most common areas in your residence hall, many dorm rooms require wired access… at times the signal strength inside your dorm room is just too weak.

TIP #8: Get Familiar with Your Closet Space

Does your dorm room have a closet? If so, check the configuration of your closet. How many closet shelves are there? Measure the distance between shelves to ensure your storage containers will fit easily.

TIP #9: Coordinate with Your Roommate

Some dorm room supplies such as an iron, ironing board, coffeemaker, dorm rug, television, and printer can be shared. Sharing sounds a little scary at first but remember if sharing isn’t working out, you can always bring your own supplies over a break OR have mom and dad bring them over parent weekend. Just remember to make a list of who brought what if you're sharing dorm supplies... you'd be surprised how many roomies forget by the end of the school year!

TIP #10: Pay Attention to the Little Details

You’d be surprised how annoying it can be to overlook a small detail when it comes to dorm living! For example… Do you have a sink in your dorm room? Does it need a plug? Is there a medicine cabinet for toiletries in your dorm room or do you need a storage caddy?

Just a few tips to help you prepare for your dorm move and live dorm smart! Good luck!

September 4, 2010

July 31, 2010

Dorm Bed Risers Are Not Created Equally ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Learn about Dorm Bed Risers before purchasing...

We all know space is at a premium when you live in a small dorm room so make the most of your dorm space by using dorm bed risers, commonly referred to as dorm bed raisers, to create an entire under bed storage solution for your dorm stuff. Just remember when making your purchase, that all dorm bed risers are not created equally. When selecting your dorm bed risers, make sure that the opening, not just the exterior, is squared inside and can accept larger bed posts (i.e. 2.75 inches x 2.75 inches). In addition, make sure they are engineered to hold your weight as well as the weight of your study buddies (i.e. approximately 1200lb total capacity).

If you really want to maximize your dorm space, consider combining your dorm bed risers with decorative storage bins and a rolling Smart Storage Cart to maximize your under bed dorm space and make your dorm decor rock! You will be amazed at the amount of dorm stuff you can store right under your dorm bed.

The right Dorm Bed Risers provide:
  1. Storage: An economical storage solution for your dorm room, creating a new under bed storage space in minutes.
  2. Height: Dorm Bed Risers can elevate your dorm bed by approximately 6 inches or more.
  3. Decor: Combined with decorative dorm storage bins and a rolling Smart Storage Cart, your dorm bed risers create the perfect under bed storage solution while enhancing your dorm decor!
  4. Strength: A pyramid design will keep your dorm bed steady. A set of properly engineered dorm bed risers (4) can hold approximately 1200 lbs! 
The space gained by using Dorm Bed Risers (approximate):

• Twin Bed (39" x 75") - 10 cubic feet of additional under bed storage space.
• Twin XL Bed (39" x 80") - 11 cubic feet of additional under bed storage space.

Note: Only use Dorm Bed Risers with either stationary or lock-wheel bed frames.

July 30, 2010

Twin XL Zebra Print Bed in a Bag for your Dorm ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

We just love this Twin XL Zebra Print Bed in a Bag available at! This Twin Zebra Print Bed in a Bag is the perfect twin xl dorm bedding set. Polyester cotton blend zebra print comforter, sheet set, bed skirt and pillow shams are comfortable and colorful, perfect for your dorm decor!

Zebra Print Twin XL Bed in a Bag Set Includes:

Twin XL Comforter (65" x 94")
1 Fitted Bottom Sheet
1 Flat Top Sheet
1 Pillow Case
14" Tailored Bed Skirt
1 Flanged Pillow Sham.

It's available in a variety of colors and lots of accessories!

April 9, 2010

Twin Extra Long, Twin ...Get the 411 On Dorm Room Bedding! Your Options Aren't As Limited As You May Think...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of Creator of Updated 04/12/2012

Learn all about bedding for your college dorm room including twin versus twin extra long (twin XL) sheets, comforters, duvets, mattress pads and more...  Comfortable and attractive bedding is a must have for your college dorm room; comfortable for a good night's sleep and attractive to create an anchor for your dorm room decor. So, let’s make sure you are prepared to select the right size bedding before moving to campus next semester.

How big is your dorm room mattress?
Before purchasing bedding for your college dorm room, you need to know the size of your mattress. It is best to get your mattress size directly from your college or university's campus housing office to avoid costly mistakes. Common mattress sizes found in dorm rooms or surrounding campus housing are:
  • Twin Mattress (39 x 75 inches): Standard size single mattress. Sleeps one.
  • Twin Extra Long Mattress / Twin XL (39 x 80 inches): Found most often in college dorm rooms, longer than the standard twin BUT the width remains the same. On occasion, we have come across a 36" x 80" twin XL mattresses when researching common mattress sizes found in  college dorm rooms today.
  • Full Mattress (54 x 75 inches): Often referred to as a double bed, sleeps two.
  • Queen Mattress (typically 60 x 80 inches): A little roomier than the full-size mattress, sleeps two.
Common Sheet Sizes
The measurements below are for fitted sheets and will help ensure a proper fit onto your dorm bed. (You can use these dimensions as a guide for mattress pads / covers as well.)
  • Twin Sheets (39 x 75 inches)
  • Twin Extra Long Sheets / Twin XL (39 x 80 inches)
  • Full Sheets (54 x 75 inches)
  • Queen Sheets (60 x 80 inches)
Live Dorm Smart Tip: If  you have a couple of extra twin sheet sets at home, save a little money; just replace the fitted sheet with a twin XL fitted sheet to make a set for your twin extra long mattress. A standard twin flat sheet is 66" x 96" and will fit either a twin or twin extra long bed. The most important thing to remember is your fitted sheet must be made to fit your mattress, meaning you need a twin size fitted sheet for a twin size mattress. You need a twin extra long fitted sheet for a twin extra long mattress.

Mattress Depth
Pillow Top and Extra Deep mattresses have become very common. Before selecting your sheets and mattress pads, it is important to know the depth of your mattress in your dorm room. Below are some dimensions to use as a guide.
  • Standard (7 to 9 inches)
  • Deep (10 to 15 inches)
  • Extra Deep (16 to 22 inches)
Live Dorm Smart Tip: Generally an extra long twin mattress (twin XL) is standard depth but if you plan to squeeze a larger bed in your campus housing, measure your mattress! Also, be sure to account for the increased depth of a foam topper (a good foam topper can create an additional two or more inches of depth) when purchasing sheets. 

Mattress Pad Depths
Once you determine the depth of your dorm bed mattress you’ll need to select the proper depth mattress pad. Below are some approximate depths to follow.
  • Standard (7 to 14 1/2 inches)
  • Deep (Up to 15 inches)
  • Extra Deep (16 to 22 inches)
Listed below are the dimensions of most comforters to use as a general guideline. These are approximate sizes. Some manufacturers may run slightly smaller or produce oversized comforters.
  • Twin (68 x 86 inches) While a twin comforter may not provide 100% coverage, it can work on a 39 x 80 inch twin extra long mattress, see tip below.
  • Twin Extra Long (twin XL) 68 x 90 inches or longer
  • Full (80 x 90 inches)
  • Full/Queen (88 x 88 inches)
  • Queen (86 x 94 inches)
Live Dorm Smart Tip: While a twin XL comforter is preferable for 100% coverage, some students may have no alternative but to take their twin comforter or duvet from home and make it work. To make your twin XL bed with a twin comforter... pull the length of the comforter toward the foot of the bed to add a few inches then make a small fold at the top (like turn down service) and fill in any gaps with pillows. Pillows are a must have to turn your dorm room bed into daytime seating
If you plan to raise your bed with bed risers, purchasing a full or queen size comforter or duvet to accommodate the increased height is an option (just make sure the pattern works, a solid color or a pattern that repeats versus a border pattern works best). Since most dorm room beds are against the wall, you can adjust your bedding to the desired width (side length that is showing). FYI... a queen size comforter (approximately 94" long) works best on a raised twin XL bed, a full size comforter (approximately 88" long) works best on a raised twin bed.

Down Comforters
Listed below are the dimensions of most Down Comforters to use as a general guideline. These are approximate sizes. Some manufacturers may run slightly smaller.
  • Twin (68 x 88 inches)
  • Twin Extra Long / Twin XL (68 x 90 inches or more)(a rare find)
  • Full/Queen (90 x 98 inches)
Live Dorm Smart Tip: While you may not be allergic to down, your dorm mate may be allergic so consider purchasing a down alternative or hypoallergenic down comforter for your dorm bed. Some manufacturers now process down to be hypoallergenic. It will feel just as good without the allergies! 

Blanket sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Listed below are the general dimensions; most blankets should fall close to these sizes.
  • Twin (66 x 90 inches) A twin blanket will fit a 39 x 80 inch twin extra long mattress.
  • Full/Queen (90 x 90 inches)
  • Throw (50 x 60 inches)
Duvet Covers
Listed below are the dimensions of most Duvet Covers to use as a general guideline. Some manufacturers may run slightly smaller. Duvet Covers are easy to clean, protect your (down or down alternative) comforter, and can easily change the look of your room! Just remember when selecting a duvet cover for your dorm bedding, be sure to match your comforter's size to the appropriate duvet cover size.
  • Twin (68 x 88 inches)
  • Twin Extra Long / Twin XL (68 x 90 inches or longer)
  • Full/Queen (88 x 88 inches)
Bed Skirts
Twin extra long (twin XL) bed skirts can be difficult to find but do exist. A standard twin bed skirt will leave a small gap at the head of the bed but can be used. Another option would be to raise your bed with bed risers and purchase a decorative under bed storage solution that coordinates with your bedding. It is practical, fun, and makes a statement. Also, consider using a flat sheet as a bed skirt or a purchasing a larger size duvet/comforter (see note under Comforters).
  • Twin Bed Skirt (39 x 75 inches
  • Twin Extra Long Bed Skirt / Twin XL (39 x 80 inches)
Live Dorm Smart Tip: A standard bed skirt has a drop of 14 inches or 15 inches. Bed skirts are also available with 18" and 21" drops to accommodate the additional height of a raised dorm room bed. 

Pillows (One of those must have dorm essentials)
Dorm living requires many pillows! The right pillow provides a good night’s sleep while all those extra pillows turn your bed into a piece of furniture (additional seating) during the day. Remember, your dorm room is a complete living space so make use of pillows and remember to order extra pillowcases to coordinate.
  • Standard (20 x 26 inches) uses a Standard size pillowcase.
  • Queen (20 x 30 inches) uses a Standard size pillowcase.
Live Dorm Smart Tip: If you like your pillows to look full, order queen pillows with standard pillowcases.

Feel free to call at 1-877-616-DORM, if you need help selecting the right size bedding for your dorm room.