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November 12, 2012

Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart Organizes Small Spaces

Every college student knows that one of the biggest challenges of dorm room living is adjusting to limited space. The new patent pending Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart allows students to effectively utilize their under bed space for easy access storage.

The smart cart simply folds flat, fits under any size bed, and rolls on carpet or bare floors. Made of  durable Baltic birch plywood coated with polyester vinyl then finished off with aluminum trim and steel corners means the smart cart is built to last and can be easily wiped clean. Not only is it durable, but the smart cart will complement any dorm room d├ęcor as it is available in a multitude of colors. Use bed risers to provide additional height then add some stylish storage bins on your cart to organize the majority of your dorm room supplies including extra linens, cleaning supplies, snacks, school supplies, toiletries, sweaters, and so much more! When it is moving time, all you have to do is fold your smart cart in half to create a lockable storage compartment for your collapsible storage bins then stow it away for your next move. Even better, the Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart can easily transition from your small dorm room to your next space... making it a great investment and ideal storage solution for everyone! Live Dorm Smart!

See the underbed storage cart in action!

August 10, 2011


With campus move in day fast approaching for many college bound students, it’s important to prepare BEFORE leaving for college. Here’s a few quick tips from Team DormSmart to make campus move in day go a little more smoothly…

TIP #1: Shop before Campus Move In Weekend

Campus move in weekend is INSANE! Many colleges have mandatory orientation sessions scheduled for parents and students over move in weekend leaving little time to unpack, let alone shop. It is best to shop for dorm supplies prior to move in weekend and pack them so that they can be easily located and unpacked. Grab  a copy of our Dorm Supplies Checklist to help you prepare and pack.

TIP #2: Check University Housing Regulations

Before shopping, check your university housing regulations for your dorm room. Let’s face it, everyone is feeling the budget crunch so you don’t want to waste money buying non compliant dorm appliances … any dorm supplies that may be considered contraband and confiscated.

TIP #3: Measure Your Dorm Room 

Every inch counts when planning and organizing your dorm room. If you have access and can get actual measurements, be sure to measure the room at the floor level to account for any base moldings or trim; meaning it may not seem like much but floor moldings and trim can take inches off an already small dorm room.

TIP #4: Know What Furniture You Need to Bring

What furniture does your school provide? Are you able to bring your own or required to use theirs?

TIP #5: Know the Shape and Size of Your Dorm Bed Legs

The one recurring problem we hear about from college students at DormSmart… the bed risers they picked up at the discount store don’t fit! If you are planning to raise your dorm bed for additional storage know the size and shape of your dorm bed legs to ensure your bed risers will fit properly.

TIP #6: Count the Outlets

Know how many outlets are in your dorm room so that you can purchase the right amount of surge protector strips with overload protection; make all your electronics work.

TIP #7: Get Ready for Campus Networking 

Don’t forget networking cables! While wireless access generally works in most common areas in your residence hall, many dorm rooms require wired access… at times the signal strength inside your dorm room is just too weak.

TIP #8: Get Familiar with Your Closet Space

Does your dorm room have a closet? If so, check the configuration of your closet. How many closet shelves are there? Measure the distance between shelves to ensure your storage containers will fit easily.

TIP #9: Coordinate with Your Roommate

Some dorm room supplies such as an iron, ironing board, coffeemaker, dorm rug, television, and printer can be shared. Sharing sounds a little scary at first but remember if sharing isn’t working out, you can always bring your own supplies over a break OR have mom and dad bring them over parent weekend. Just remember to make a list of who brought what if you're sharing dorm supplies... you'd be surprised how many roomies forget by the end of the school year!

TIP #10: Pay Attention to the Little Details

You’d be surprised how annoying it can be to overlook a small detail when it comes to dorm living! For example… Do you have a sink in your dorm room? Does it need a plug? Is there a medicine cabinet for toiletries in your dorm room or do you need a storage caddy?

Just a few tips to help you prepare for your dorm move and live dorm smart! Good luck!

August 12, 2010

Dorm Organization:Tips for Organizing A Dorm Room ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Just a few smart tips for organizing your small dorm space from

Jaxx Pillow Sac - Can Be Reshaped
For most college bound freshman, moving into a small dorm room this fall will be a bit challenging. With this in mind, brainstormed with a few of their favorite experienced dorm dwellers to come up with their top 10 tips for incoming freshman to successfully organize and live in a small dorm space:

Tip #1 - Raise Your Dorm Bed / Create An Under Bed Storage Space

A good set of bed risers is one of the wisest investments a college bound student can make for dorm living. Even better, when savvy students combine their bed risers with storage products like a DormSmart Smart Storage Cart and Bungalow Collapsible Bins, it creates an entire under bed storage solution. The smart storage cart is a complete custom made wheeled platform that runs the length and width of a dorm bed, allowing students to place and arrange their dorm stuff in bins on the wheeled cart. The wheeled cart then rolls in and out from under the bed, making for easy access, much like a drawer system. It breaks down easily between dorm moves and students can select folding bins in a range patterns and colors to enhance their dorm decor.

Tip #2 - Dorm Trunks

Dorm trunks are a great investment. Students can use dorm trunks for travel, secure storage, and seating, such as the Rhino Armor Trunk Large available at

Tip #3 - Be Square

Let’s face it, every inch counts in a small dorm room, consider using square storage containers, such as the Neatnix Square Stuff Bucket. Being square utilizes every inch of space!

Tip #4 - Go Vertical

Build up using free standing shelves, raising your dorm bed with bed risers or whenever possible, lofting your dorm bed. Remember to check student housing regulations.

Tip #5 - Dorm Size

Resist the urge to bring your mom’s 24 cup coffeemaker or dad’s spare toolbox. Instead, consider dorm sizing by purchasing smaller scale items such as a Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Hot Beverage Center or a Picnic Time Essentials Toolkit to fit the scale of your small dorm space.

Tip #6 - Build Upon Existing Surfaces…

In other words use stackable canisters on top of your microfridge unit to store dry staples such as sugar, coffee…but don’t overload!

Tip #7 - Invest in Multi Purpose Dorm Essentials

Purchase dorm essentials that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a Jaxx Pillow Sac can be shaped for seating or can be flattened out for sleepovers during those late night study sessions. The Ergorapido 2- in-1 Stick and Hand Vac by Electrolux can be used to vacuum your dorm room or save a few dollars by using the hand vac to vacuum your car. The Ravenswood Floor Lamp and Table by Lumisource has your main light, a separate reading light and plenty of shelves to utilize as a bed side table and storage. The Sort-A-Sack! is a laundry bag, backpack, and sorter with instructions sewn in on how to do your laundry. There are many multi-purpose products available for dorm living in today’s marketplace.

Tip #8 - Hang Your Clothes

Hang your clothes in the closet versus throwing them on floor or trying to cram all of them in a drawer, it saves a lot of space and you’ll spend less time looking for them!

Tip #9 - Collapsible / Folding Storage Bins and Vacuum Bags

Folding Storage such as Bungalow’s Collapsible Storage Bins is great way to organize all your dorm stuff. Better still, use vacuum bags to minimize the size of items and store them in your collapsible bins on shelves or under your dorm bed.

Tip #10 - Keep You Dorm Room Neat and Organized

As much as we hate to hear it, the best way to live in a small space, such as a dorm room, is to keep it neat and organized. Put things away when you are finished with them. You’ll feel more in control of yourself and your new surroundings!

Just a few storage and organization tips to help incoming freshman to live dorm smart!

July 31, 2010

Dorm Bed Risers Are Not Created Equally ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Learn about Dorm Bed Risers before purchasing...

We all know space is at a premium when you live in a small dorm room so make the most of your dorm space by using dorm bed risers, commonly referred to as dorm bed raisers, to create an entire under bed storage solution for your dorm stuff. Just remember when making your purchase, that all dorm bed risers are not created equally. When selecting your dorm bed risers, make sure that the opening, not just the exterior, is squared inside and can accept larger bed posts (i.e. 2.75 inches x 2.75 inches). In addition, make sure they are engineered to hold your weight as well as the weight of your study buddies (i.e. approximately 1200lb total capacity).

If you really want to maximize your dorm space, consider combining your dorm bed risers with decorative storage bins and a rolling Smart Storage Cart to maximize your under bed dorm space and make your dorm decor rock! You will be amazed at the amount of dorm stuff you can store right under your dorm bed.

The right Dorm Bed Risers provide:
  1. Storage: An economical storage solution for your dorm room, creating a new under bed storage space in minutes.
  2. Height: Dorm Bed Risers can elevate your dorm bed by approximately 6 inches or more.
  3. Decor: Combined with decorative dorm storage bins and a rolling Smart Storage Cart, your dorm bed risers create the perfect under bed storage solution while enhancing your dorm decor!
  4. Strength: A pyramid design will keep your dorm bed steady. A set of properly engineered dorm bed risers (4) can hold approximately 1200 lbs! 
The space gained by using Dorm Bed Risers (approximate):

• Twin Bed (39" x 75") - 10 cubic feet of additional under bed storage space.
• Twin XL Bed (39" x 80") - 11 cubic feet of additional under bed storage space.

Note: Only use Dorm Bed Risers with either stationary or lock-wheel bed frames.