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February 3, 2012

My Residence Hall Community Bathroom Gets So Disgusting Between Scheduled Cleanings… What Can I Do To Clean It Up?

Many colleges such as the University of Michigan provide housing custodians to clean and disinfect residence hall common areas daily such as kitchens, lounges, and community bathrooms. If this is the case with your college, it may be a staffing issue that your resident advisor needs to address with housing officials.

My Community Bathroom Gets So Dirty...
It's Gross!
If your residence hall community bathroom is not cleaned daily, ask your RA to speak with your college housing officials about increasing the frequency of cleanings. If budget becomes an issue invite housing officials to your next residence hall meeting… be prepared to take a proactive stance, show housing officials how cleaning the community bathrooms more frequently benefits the college. For example, the overall cost may not increase because the bathroom does not take as long to clean or overall maintenance and remodeling costs may decrease because more frequent cleaning extends the life of the facility.

If more frequent cleaning is not an option for your community bathroom, ask your RA to schedule a mandatory meeting to brainstorm possible solutions with students living in your residence hall.

For example, consider:
  • Posting creative signs that encourage students to keep the community showers clean (i.e., While it’s important to wash your mane, don’t let it clog the shower drain or Remove your stray hairs from the shower or we will all be waiting on maintenance for hours…).
  • Creating a reward system or contests to inspire residents to help maintain the property. With the proper approach, you may be able to convince retailers, restaurants, even concert promoters to donate prizes in exchange for the free publicity… make it count!  
Just remember the meeting should be positive not negative so no whining, complaining, or finger pointing allowed… ONLY SOLUTIONS for keeping your community bathroom clean.

Live Dorm Smart!

August 21, 2010

Spa Wraps For Dorm Showers: Are You Over Exposed? Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Womens and Mens Luxury Spa Wraps by Boca Terry
Spa wraps are perfect for both female and male dorm dwellers that travel to and from their dorm showers! Unlike bath robes, wraps don't have sleeves or belts. Instead, many secure with snaps or velcro for an adjustable fit. Some spa wraps, like luxury spa wraps by Boca Terry, have both snaps and elastic to ensure your wrap stays snug and secure, preventing those embarrassing moments that come from losing your towel when traveling to and from your dorm showers. After all, who wants the daily walk to their dorm shower to become their walk of shame?

For male dorm dwellers… here’s a tip... a mens spa wrap is NOT a skirt! Rather, it is a towel with snaps or velcro and elastic! If a spa wrap is a skirt then is you’re bath robe a dress? GEEZ! If you are that worried about it, make sure you get a white spa wrap for men that looks like a gym towel so you don't get embarrassed on one of those COLD days when you are headed back to your dorm room and lose your towel. Those residence halls aren't empty! You may run into someone you want to impress or your roommate’s mom or girlfriend! Seriously, who wants that kind of overexposure or ribbing that comes with it? Freshman year is tough enough. You decide!

For female dorm dwellers… womens spa wraps can come in a multitude of colors, although at, they prefer selling white luxury spa wraps to go with everything! For women, they are definitely one of those multi-purpose dorm products we speak of often at Dorm411. You can wear your wrap when traveling to and from the dorm showers or when doing your hair and makeup to protect your clothing or as a cover up at the campus pool! Spa wraps for women are definitely a practical space saving option for female students!

In addition to being practical, luxury spa wraps are comfortable and we all know that dorm living can be a little uncomfortable… the tight quarters, bland walls, shared dorm showers, loss of privacy… so why sacrifice comfort? A comfortable living environment free of embarrassment from over exposing yourself will make the adjustment to your new college lifestyle freshman year much easier and we all know a well-adjusted happy student equals a successful student.

Prevent overexposure while pampering yourself a little, pick up a spa wrap, such as an affordable luxury spa wrap by Boca Terry! If you have stayed at the Ritz Carlton, Raffles, Four Seasons, or Golden Door Spas, then you will recognize the Boca Terry name. Now you too can experience that spa like feel in your dorm showers while saving yourself a little embarrassment!

August 15, 2010

Dorm Bath Towels… Get the Dorm 411 on the best towels for dorm living!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

 We have found the perfect antimicrobial towels for dorm living by Pure Fiber!
Pure Fiber 100% Bamboo 6 Piece Bath Towel Set Kiwi

Introducing the Pure Fiber 100% Bamboo 6 Piece Bath Towel Set, available at!

These dorm bath towels are made of 100% natural bamboo yarn, as soft as cashmere!

These dorm bath towels are super absorbent, beyond the absorbency of cotton towels.

They come in 12 fashionable colors to match any dorm d├ęcor: Au Natural, Black, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Dreamy Blue, Ecru, Kiwi, Midnight Blue, Pure White, Purple, Red Tangerine, Sage Green

More importantly… Did you know these bamboo dorm bath towels are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and odor resistant which makes them the ideal towels for a hygienic environment, specifically a dorm environment!

So go ahead, indulge yourself in this natural luxury because not only are these dorm bath towels good for your body and soul, but also beneficial for our environment and antimicrobial!

Go green and live dorm smart while pampering yourself in your dorm bath or dorm shower!

August 13, 2010

Dorm Shower Bags ... Dorm Shower Caddies ... Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Looking for the perfect waterproof shower bag or shower caddy to take INTO the dorm showers? Checkout the Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag!

Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag
The Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag is fast drying, slime free, and durable shower caddy! Saltwater Canvas Shower Bags, previously featured in Shape Magazine and used by swimmers for years, make the perfect WATERPROOF dorm shower bag, to take into the dorm shower with you! They hold lots of stuff and dry FAST! They don't slime up like a plastic shower caddy.

Once you remove your new Saltwater Water Canvas Shower Bag from its packaging and fill it up with your WET shower supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream... it takes and holds its shape! Saltwater Canvas Shower Bags are so durable, they will outlast your college career, definitely Dorm Smart!

Neatnix Square Stuff Bucket - Black

For your DRY bath supplies, consider using a Neatnix Square Stuff Bucket. They make the perfect bath caddy to hold your dry items such as toiletries, makeup, appliances...

Both the Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag and Neatnix Square Stuff Bucket come in a multitude of colors and patterns to match any dorm decor!