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November 13, 2010

Budget Constraints Keeping You Home Bound Instead of Dorm Bound? Get the Dorm 411…

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Leaving for college during a tough economy can be challenging for anyone and for some of us, impossible!

Budget Constraints Keeping You Home Bound Instead
of Dorm Bound? Dormify Your Room!
It's a tough economy! So if you find yourself having to live at home with mom and dad instead of on your college campus this term to save money, don’t stress out! Change your mindset! Upgrade your old bedroom to reflect your new college lifestyle and personality, make it your new dorm digs... dormify it! 

As for experiencing your newfound freedom and college lifestyle to the fullest while living at home… talk to your parents and reach a compromise. While you may not be able to stay out all night, your curfew and house rules can be adjusted to reflect your new stage of life. Let’s be honest, staying out all night then attending class will not result in the best grades or keep you healthy anyway.

Just remember when experiencing life changes… it is important for both you and your parents to compromise, be patient with each other, and practice moderation. Given time, both you and your parents can begin to let go and everyone involved will adjust to your new college lifestyle!

Who knows? Maybe next term you’ll be able to head to the dorms! Live Dorm Smart!

May 4, 2010

Don’t trash your EX, just delete them! Dorm Wall Decor...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of Dorm Smart Living

It’s time to throw out those tapestries that look like our great grandmother’s rug and posters or printed photos hung with scotch tape and get a little more high tech and savvy when it comes to our dorm decor!

So, instead of spending all that money on the printer paper and ink, glue dots, dorm tape, two-sided tape… not to mention your time, consider investing in a reasonably priced Digital Photo Frame to stay connected to your friends and family! Initially, it may be seem like an expensive option, but over time, you will come to realize how much space you saved in your dorm room and how much money you saved on those printer supplies! With a digital photo frame, you can easily express your creativity, creating slide shows of all those fun moments in high school and college, moments with your family, friends, pets, and boyfriend or girlfriend. Even better, you can change or delete photos with ease. So, there is no need to trash your EX anymore and fill up our landfills, you can be environmentally friendly and just DELETE them!

Now that you have thrown out those tapestries and printed photos, you can get creative with your dorm wall décor, creating a space more reflective of your own personal style! Consider investing in reusable peel and stick decals, also known as wall stickers, to decorate your dorm walls. They are affordable, practical, and stylish! Whether you are a sports enthusiast, rocker, artist, future politician… whatever your style or personality, you can express it easily and affordably with peel and stick wall décor! You can even invest in a peel and stick dry erase board or chalkboard for your dorm room! And, if there is a photo or two that you really want on your dorm wall, just use light weight photo frames or peel and stick photo frames to get that finished look, much better than scotch tape. The practical uses, cost savings, and style selections are many with peel and stick products. Even better, you can move and store them with ease then use them again next dorm season! How cool is that?