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June 3, 2017

Be Safe! Always use surge protectors with overload protection in your dorm room...


Because college students operate or charge many small appliances and electronics in their dorm rooms such as a laptop, iPad, cell phone, mp4 player, TV/DVD combo, blow dryer, coffee maker, iron, vacuum... on a limited number of circuits, it's important to invest in quality UL listed surge protectors that provide 2-way protection:
  1. Protects their valuables from power surges; and
  2. Prevents students from overloading their circuits with an internal 15 Amp circuit breaker.
With overload protection, if a student operates too many small electronics or appliances at the same time, the surge protector will trip its internal 15 Amp circuit breaker letting them know they need to unplug something from the unit... turn something off. Once they reduce the overload, they just reset the surge protector and are good to go again!

University or college housing staff will love students who use surge protectors with overload protection because they didn’t trip the main circuit to their dorm room requiring a maintenance call or cause a fire resulting in property damage or loss of life by overloading a circuit.

Students will love surge protectors with overload protection because they won't have to go to class or out on date with wet hair or wrinkled clothes because maintenance couldn't get there on time! Live Dorm Smart!

Note: Always check the product manual and specifications before plugging a product into a surge protector or electrical outlet. Also, check your university or housing regulations regarding the use of surge protectors.

May 3, 2011

The Importance of Dorm Safe Appliances Versus Cheap Dorm Appliances...

At DormSmart, we are continually lecturing about the importance of buying dorm safe appliances when living on campus versus cheap dorm appliances, so I thought I'd back that up by sharing an article about one student's personal experience...

"...I was pounding on doors yelling fire, fire, wake up, everyone get out," said Christmas, who is credited with rousing sleeping students throughout her residence hall, despite serious burns on 60 percent of her body. But everyone in the residence hall was asleep or thought it was a false alarm. Suddenly, my scalp was burning, my hands and fingers were on fire. I didn't know what to do...

...Whether you live in a residence hall, Greek housing or an off-campus apartment, your living area is likely overfilled with books, paper, bedding, curtains and clothes that make your room a bon-fire waiting to happen," said John Drengenberg, manager of Consumer Affairs at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), a not-for-profit organization that tests products for safety. "In this environment, even the smallest spark can be deadly..."

The Angel of Boland Hall, Dana Christmas, sharing her painful experience on YouTube in hopes of making students aware of the dangers of dorm fires:

Live Dorm Smart and take fire safety seriously!

August 23, 2010

Taking Campus Safety Seriously... Don't Become A Victim! Get the Dorm 411...

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Call Campus Security For An Escort
At, we cannot stress enough the importance of taking campus safety, your personal safety, seriously. We know it can feel a little awkward to call campus security to request an escort back to your dorm room. We understand that most students believe a violent crime cannot happen to them, they feel invincible. Most of us feel that way at some point in our lives. For many of us, college is our first experience away from home and it feels empowering to finally have the freedom to make our own choices. Asking for an escort makes many of us feel little like a child again.

However, if you are a student headed off to college then here is an opportunity to learn from one family's experience...

"...Personally, I cannot begin to comprehend how it must feel to be attacked on your university campus… even worse by someone you know and trust... but I can comprehend how it feels to be the parent at the other end of the telephone receiving the news that their child has been harmed. I know well the feeling of powerlessness to help my own child. I remember sobbing uncontrollably, fearing for her safety, hopping into my vehicle then driving for 11 long agonizing hours as I wondered if she would recover physically, emotionally, and mentally. Asking myself, how would this impact her future and wondering if I remembered to tell her it was not her fault and that I loved her?

During the drive, I kept replaying in my mind all those conversations we had about never being alone with the opposite sex, no matter how well you think you may know them, not even to study. I remember telling my daughters and their friends to always meet in a public place or in a group and to remember to lock their dorm doors. I then began thinking; it is my fault because I let her go away to college. At the end the day, I know I said and did all the right things. I even purchased  personal security products, such as pepper spray, safes, flashlights... I now realize that as much as I wanted to and still do, I cannot build a bubble around my daughters. Bad things happen to good people every day and while we cannot control the world, we can control how we handle ourselves to hopefully prevent crime, avoid becoming a victim..."

  1. Never be alone with a member of the opposite sex, unless you are willing to be intimate. Predators are cunning. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, gender, economic levels, educational levels… they like to build trust then catch you off guard. 

  2. Always call campus security for an escort after dark or anytime the campus is empty or whenever you feel uncomfortable. The awkwardness will subside and it dulls in comparison to dealing with the fallout of an assault… the examinations, the interviews, the stares, the whispering, the fear, court...  and that's just the beginning. It affects your relationships, your family, your grades... the recovery is more than physical.

  3. Consider taking self defense classes. Many colleges offer them to their students on campus or check with your local police department. 

  4. Whenever possible, travel in a group or pairs. Male or female, if you are out late with your friends, take a cab whenever possible and never carry a lot of cash. If you have no money... call your university campus security... many offer a pick up service.  If walking, stay in well lit areas! Always have a charged cell phone.

  5. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times. 

  6. Report suspicious activity.  

  7. Stay current with your campus and local crime reports.

  8. Always lock your dorm room door, even if it is just for a minute or two.
These are just a few tips for campus safety. Your parents have been doing this throughout your entire childhood. Now you are the adult and it is up to you, so choose to take your campus safety and security seriously, live dormsmart!

August 18, 2010

College Dorm Essentials = MULTIPURPOSE … Get the Dorm 411!

by Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

When shopping for your college dorm essentials this dorm season, one of the top criteria to use when making product selections is MULTIPURPOSE!

Selecting multipurpose dorm essentials whether it be furniture, combo appliances, an all-in-one dorm laundry backpack / laundry bag / laundry sorter... any dorm supplies… will save space in your small dorm room and save a few dollars because… you got it … it’s a multipurpose product! It cuts down on the amount of dorm stuff you have to move into your small dorm room resulting in less to pack  and haul during those dorm moves over the duration of your college career!

Here are a few HOT multipurpose college dorm essentials to consider purchasing this dorm season:

Ravenswood Floor Lamp and Table Light Wood
Multipurpose College Dorm Essential #1
= Ravenswood Floor Lamp & Table

The Ravenswood Floor Lamp and Table by Lumisource adds form and function to your dorm decor! It’s a bookshelf, nightstand / bedside table, reading light and main light all in one.

Its dual light sources combine with shelves for ultimate usability, making it one of those perfect multipurpose college dorm essentials!

Multi-purpose College Dorm Essential #2
= Sort-a-Sack!

The Sort-A-Sack is an all-in-one Dorm Laundry Backpack, Dorm Laundry Bag, & Dorm Laundry Sorter, the perfect multipurpose college dorm essential for doing laundry. The Sort-a-Sack has two compartments to sort both whites and colors, saving time and making laundry day a whole lot easier for busy college students on the go! Like a backpack, the sort-a-sack can be comfortably carried by two shoulder straps to lighten a college student’s loads, up to three, on the way to the dorm laundry room or campus laundromat!

This great looking and uniquely designed laundry bag is roomy enough to carry laundry supplies and zips closed to prevent embarrassing spills, don't lose your underwear on the way to the dorm laundry! Even better, the sort-a-sack contains an inner pouch to store a sheet of fabric softener to help keep those smells away between laundry days!

For the novice, the durable sort-a-sack has step-by-step washing instructions permanently printed inside, making the sort-a-sack the next best thing to sending laundry out or home to mom!

The Sort-A-Sack is definitely one of those must have multipurpose college dorm essentials!

Multipurpose College Dorm Essential #3
= College Dorm Trunks

Dorm Trunks, also known as Dorm Footlockers or College Trunks, like Rhino Armor Trunks, can be used as both secure storage and dorm furniture, such as a coffee table, end table, or dorm seating...

Rhino Armor Dorm Trunks
Rhino Armor Dorm Trunks are our top pick as the best secure college trunk because they are conveniently sized and ruggedly built, strong enough to stand or sit on while keeping your laptop, digital camera, iPod, iPad, food ... valuables secure in your dorm room. Dorm Trunks are definitely top multipurpose college dorm essentials!

There are many great multipurpose products on the market today… so live dorm smart… shop dorm smart! MULTIPURPOSE!