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July 24, 2015

Announcement: DormSmart Adds Product Reviews

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DormSmart adds product reviews to our online storefront. 

It’s been challenging to set up product review guidelines that give students an actual assessment of the product’s performance, especially in a dorm room setting where product selection may be limited by housing policy, but we came up with a few.

For example, our product review guidelines:

  • Only allow product reviews by verified buyers. While this method may take some time to build the number of reviews for shoppers, they can be assured that the reviews are from a credible source. 
  • Require more than one or two words. We want to know what shoppers like about the product and  how they used it.
  • Only allow reviews about actual product performance. What isn’t allowed that seems to plague many review systems these days and is unfair to potential buyers and the manufacturer of the product are reviews unrelated to actual product performance (i.e. promotions by competitors, complaints about price or ship times, and off the wall comments…). 

Our ultimate goal is to keep product reviews pure for students while being fair to manufacturers, only providing feedback that assesses actual product performance. We hope we’ve done that and all verified buyers will participate.

Shop smarter and live DormSmart!

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