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August 8, 2014

TiK ToK: It’s Time for Many College Bound Students to Use Campus Direct Shipping

The summer hours are ticking away probably quicker than you imagined with your impending move to campus just around the corner. If you waited to shop for college and do not have time to wait for online purchases to be delivered at home or to drive from store to store enduring the crowds of back to school shoppers and picked over inventory, then I recommend shipping purchases to your college campus. Campus direct shipping will get your essentials to school without delaying your departure while reducing the cost, time, and stress associated with moving items from home to campus or driving from store to store to make purchases over an already busy move-in weekend.

Quick Tips for Students Shipping Online Purchases to Campus

  1. Be sure to use your “exact mailing address” for campus. For example, many colleges hyphenate the mailbox number next to a student’s name. This allows them to better sort through the thousands of packages that will be making their way to campus, ensuring that your items are not lost in the shuffle.
  2. Remember that packages arriving at school are typically not delivered to your dorm room rather they are sent to the campus mail room where you must retrieve them. Be sure to check your college or university’s policies for package pick-up.
  3. Most schools have a specific time frame for move-in shipments to begin arriving on campus so schedule your purchases accordingly.
  4. Understand the processing and shipping times of your online orders so you can allot enough time for them to arrive on campus. Be realistic and don’t sweat the small stuff; meaning, if it’s an item that may arrive a few days later than you, you can still pick it up once it gets there.

If you are someone like me who procrastinates, the best advice I can give you is do not panic and use campus direct shipping. Speaking from experience, I know this is an emotional time for you and your family. I understand that everyone wants move-in weekend to be perfect freshman year. Realistically, it probably won’t be perfect, more like chaotic, so laugh through it and make the weekend count. Assure your family that you can retrieve any packages that may not have arrived on campus for move-in weekend. You can finish your dorm room setup with your roommate, a little bonding time, and then send your family a picture once it is completed. Remind them that you will see them soon, and, for your sake and theirs, call them at least once a week so they can hear your voice. It will make the transition easier for everyone, trust me!

Hit the books, get involved in school approved activities, make new friends, and live dorm smart!

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