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July 27, 2014

Is it really twin XL bedding if the retail packaging states twin XL?

Twin XL or Not

Dorm room shopping season is upon us and as always, it takes me about 5 minutes to locate online retailers, both large and small, that prove DormSmart's theory about how to best classify bedding as twin XL:

"...when shopping for twin XL bedding, we ask that you look beyond the labeled name of twin or twin XL and focus on the actual stated dimensions. It is more important to us that your bedding actually fits. In other words, labeling it twin XL doesn't always make it so, meaning size matters most..." 

Two quick examples of what to avoid when shopping for twin XL bedding this season:

Example One: 86-inch Duvet Covers & Comforters Packaged with Twin XL Sheets

I came across a teen store today selling really cute bedding essential packages to students with a twin XL bed in their dorm room. Unfortunately, their packages include:

  • a standard twin 86” long duvet cover;
  • a standard twin 86" long comforter insert; and,
  • a twin XL sheet set.

Red flag, this is a twin duvet cover and comforter insert not twin XL. I don’t care how it is labeled or how well established this retailer may be. I only care about the length of the twin comforter and duvet cover in this package and so should students with a twin XL bed in their dorm room. Why a retailer would choose to invest their money into marketing 86-inch long comforters and duvet covers as twin XL verses actually offering students longer bedding is beyond me. Contrary to popular belief, 90-inch long twin duvet covers and comforter inserts do exist today.

Example Two: Shaving Off Inches for Cheap

A dorm room specialty store is selling 88-inch long comforters as twin XL, really cheap. I will admit that they are two inches longer than a standard 86-inch long twin, but your twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than the standard twin mattress so that's pushing it. At DormSmart, we’ve tested different lengths and found that a comforter or duvet cover 90 inches or longer works best on a twin XL bed.

This store also offers twin XL sheets as an option with their 88-inch long comforter which is great. However, I have never seen a flat sheet, especially for a twin XL bed, measure 90 inches in length. Come to think of it, I have never seen one that short on a twin bed. A standard twin flat sheet is typically 96 inches long. I don’t know if this is a typographical error or if this is how they are offering their sheets so cheaply to students. When I attempted to verify the information, I noticed that some of their sheet sets have dimensions listed and some do not, which makes me wonder why. I can only assume that this expert store is shaving off inches to get to cheap.

This is just my opinion… you can form yours as you shop for twin XL bedding this season. Just be sure to shop smart, check bedding dimensions before you buy.

Live DormSmart

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