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May 31, 2014

How to Shop for College Campus Living

How to shop for college campus living!
How to Shop for College
Over the next few months, college bound students will find themselves overwhelmed by all the hype of shopping for their college dorm room or campus apartment. To assist students, Dorm Smart has compiled three quick tips about how to shop smart for living on a college campus:

Tip 1: Consult your school student housing policies yourself…

College bound students or in this case, campus bound, should always consult their school housing policies for what to bring and what not to bring to campus. Don’t take any retailers word for it, even if a retailer states they are “Campus Approved” or “School Approved” stores. What harm is there in connecting with your school and checking their policies yourself before shopping?

Remember, you are solely responsible for checking and respecting your college housing policies, so do your homework.

Tip 2: Shop at  home first…

Once students have consulted their school housing policies and know what they can bring to their college campus, DormSmart recommends they shop at home first to save a few dollars. Afterward, they can compile a shopping list of the items they need to purchase for their move to college.

Tip 3: Focus on products verses back to college shopping campaigns…

Regardless of how well a retail store presents themselves in their back to college shopping campaign or online shop, it is important for students to remember these are advertisements to gain sales. It is best to focus on product attributes to ensure they are school approved or appropriate for living in a dorm room or apartment on your college campus.

Here are a few examples of pitfalls to avoid:
Example 1:
During the back to college shopping season, students will find retailers selling “86 inch long” standard twin comforters and duvets as twin XL. Unfortunately, to properly fit an 80 inch extra long twin mattress, a comforter or duvet should be a minimum of 90 inches in length. To ensure a proper fit, it is best for students to check the actual bedding dimensions verses depending upon a package or ad labeling the product as twin XL. Also, students should be cautious of product photos that make the bedding appear longer. Bottom line, while bedding dimensions and their labeled sizes seem to vary in the marketplace, a twin XL mattress is still 80 inches long.
Example 2:
Students will undoubtedly come across retailers selling colorful toaster ovens, toasters, hot pots, hot plates, knife sets, and more as dorm room appropriate in their back to college aisles. Many colleges and universities consider these items either unsafe or have restrictions for bringing them on campus. For example, many colleges regulate the size and type of a knife that students can bring into their residence halls and strictly prohibit many small appliances, such as a toaster, in residence hall dorm rooms.
At the end of the day, whether students choose to shop at DormSmart or another retailer, remember colleges and universities have the final say about what students can bring or not bring into their campus residence halls. So save yourself some  time, money, and frustration by checking your school’s housing policies and respecting them… before shopping for college.

Live Dorm Smart!

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