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November 12, 2012

Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart Organizes Small Spaces

Every college student knows that one of the biggest challenges of dorm room living is adjusting to limited space. The new patent pending Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart allows students to effectively utilize their under bed space for easy access storage.

The smart cart simply folds flat, fits under any size bed, and rolls on carpet or bare floors. Made of  durable Baltic birch plywood coated with polyester vinyl then finished off with aluminum trim and steel corners means the smart cart is built to last and can be easily wiped clean. Not only is it durable, but the smart cart will complement any dorm room d├ęcor as it is available in a multitude of colors. Use bed risers to provide additional height then add some stylish storage bins on your cart to organize the majority of your dorm room supplies including extra linens, cleaning supplies, snacks, school supplies, toiletries, sweaters, and so much more! When it is moving time, all you have to do is fold your smart cart in half to create a lockable storage compartment for your collapsible storage bins then stow it away for your next move. Even better, the Dorm Smart Mobile Underbed Storage Cart can easily transition from your small dorm room to your next space... making it a great investment and ideal storage solution for everyone! Live Dorm Smart!

See the underbed storage cart in action!

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