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June 14, 2012

Parents and students beware when dorm shopping

Parents and students beware when dorm shopping...

Or shall we be aware of retailers this dorm shopping season who state that they are their university or college’s only approved vendor for appliances, linens, or dorm supplies… It’s sad to see so many retailers using deceptive practices or a play on words to take advantage of students and parents.

DormSmart researches more than 2000 university and college housing websites each year and this is what we have learned... While most schools provide housing guidelines as to what to buy for a college dorm room, they do not dictate where to buy college dorm supplies such asappliances,  linens, or dorm supplies. Some schools may have an affiliate relationship with a retailer where they pass savings on to students or raise funds for their school but it's optional not a requirement.

So shop cautiously and check directly with your school housing office as to their specific requirements of students living in campus housing.

In other words…

“Don’t take our word for it… check with your campus housing office!”

Feel free to use DormSmart’s Campus Housing Connector to connect directly to your university or college housing website before dorm shopping this season.

Shop safe and live Dorm Smart!

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