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March 31, 2012

Quirkiest Campus Housing Rules

Over the past year, I participated on a project team at, responsible for developing and implementing their new Campus Housing Connector  for college bound students. This tool allows students to connect directly to their campus housing office and get "their 411" (i.e. what to bring and what not to bring...) before shopping for dorm room supplies. During the course of the project, the team reviewed more than 2000 college housing websites nationwide and as a result, came across some pretty "QUIRKY” housing rules that may leave students and parents feeling a little confused or wondering what the... happened on that campus. Seriously, what’s up with that school?

Here are a few of my personal favorites…

Campus  Housing Rule #1
Your refrigerator must not exceed hip height. 

“Really? Whose hip? Mine, my two year old nephew's, or Shaq’s?”

Campus Housing Rule #2
No firearms are permitted in the residence halls except during hunting season. 

“I am at a loss for words on this one. Somehow knowing that ammunition is not allowed in the residence halls doesn't give me much comfort.”

Campus Housing Rule #3
Students are permitted one primarily caged, non-venomous pet per room. 

“So, whose pet got loose? What was it? And most importantly, did they catch it? How big can my cage be? Can I bring my boa constrictor?"

Campus Housing Rule #4
Pets are not permitted in the residence halls with the exception of freshwater, non-flesh eating varieties.

“That’s a relief! I can bring my pet duck.”

Campus Housing Rule #5
Residents can bring in personal furniture, except for water beds, mattresses, bed frames, box springs and loft kits, as long as it sufficiently fits in the room in which it is placed, is not seen as a safety hazard, and all roommates are in agreement with it.


Campus Housing Rule #6
Alcohol is not permitted in the residence halls unless it is during an official, school-sponsored party. 

“What constitutes a school sponsored party? My parents would freak!”

Campus Housing Rule #7
No livestock is permitted in campus buildings.

“I’m wondering whose live mascot they stole and how they got it past the RA?”

Campus Housing Rule #8
You must attend all hall meetings fully clothed.

“As opposed to…”

All kidding aside, while some of these rules may seem a little out there, the overwhelming majority are spot on. Regardless, it is important to remember that you must follow ALL of your campus housing rules and regulations.
Live Dorm Smart!

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