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February 4, 2012

What do I pack for a visit home from college over break?

I don't know what to bring home or
what to leave on campus over break?
To help you pack and make traveling home from college a little easier over break... we've come up with a few tips:

Tip #1 Create a “To Do List”

It is always a busy time on campus before each break. To make life a little easier for yourself, consider creating a quick “To Do List” a week in advance to prepare for your trip home (i.e. prepare your dorm room, packing list, return books, take care of pets…).

Tip #2 Only Pack the Essentials

If traveling home by airplane, only pack the essentials. Most airlines impose hefty fees for additional luggage and overweight baggage.

If carpooling home, remember you have to share the storage space in your vehicle with other students. Depending on the size of the ride and number of passengers, storage space may be limited.

If driving home on your own, remember YOU have to pack and haul everything from your dorm room to your car. Even worse, when you return to campus, YOU have to unpack and haul everything back into your dorm room.

Hint: This may be a great time to invest in a few space saving storage bags to make packing for visits home from college more manageable.

Tip #3 Pack Seasonal Items – Save Dorm Space

If you do have the space in your vehicle, take advantage of it and pack seasonal items you no longer need to create additional space in your dorm room. There will also be less to pack when you return home (move out of your dorm room) for summer break.

Tip #4 Mom

Whether preparing to travel home from college via airplane, carpool, or driving yourself… keep in mind that mom probably has purchased everything you’ll need in anticipation of your visit. If you are unsure about what to pack for a visit home from college, mom is just a phone call or text message away.

As always, live dorm smart!

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