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January 16, 2012

Underbed Storage Trunks Option For College Students ...

LIVE DORM SMART TIP: Turn Your Small Rhino Trunk Into An Underbed Trunk. 

Rhino Trunks For College Students
If you need an underbed trunk for your small dorm room, just grab a set of bed risers, raise your dorm bed, then slide your small Rhino Trunk under your bed. Small trunks by Rhino make the perfect underbed storage trunk for raised dorm beds.

All Rhino trunks come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.
Options for Rhino trunks include:
  • 2 finishes Rhino Sticker Trunk  Finish (vinyl like finish) or Rhino Armor Trunk (fabric type finish) Finish
  • 16 Sticker Trunk Colors and 19 Armor Trunk Colors
  • Easy Glide Removable Wheels (wheeled trunk when you want it... stationary when you don't)
  • Hardwood Tray (organize your dorm stuff)
  • Wordlock (much easier to remember than a combination lock)
  • Nameplate (personalize your trunk)
  • Laptop Safe (secure your belongings)
  • Secure Anchoring Cable System (secure your trunk in your dorm room)
Live DormSmart!

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  1. I really agree with your blog.Nice tips for live dorm.Thanks for the info.!