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January 8, 2016

Planning a Move to Campus for Spring Semester

Spring semester is fast approaching which means shopping for and shipping dorm room supplies during an already busy holiday season for many college bound students. To ensure your dorm room supplies make it to your campus on time this January, it is important to understand the various shipping services offered by retailers today and their related transit times before shopping.

Actual transit time is the amount of time it takes your dorm supplies to reach your campus once they leave the retailer’s warehouse. When shopping for dorm supplies, the actual amount of time it takes to receive your order depends upon:

1.       How long it takes the retailer to process your order;
2.       The shipping service the retailer chooses to transport your order (transit time); and
3.       The proximity of the retailer’s warehouse to your college campus.

For example, if your college campus is located on the west coast and you purchase dorm supplies from a retailer who warehouses only in New York and utilizes a 5 to 10 days shipping service… odds are your dorm supplies will take closer to 10 business days to reach your college campus, maybe more, even if that retailer processes your order within 24 hours.

So if you are headed to campus this January, plan accordingly…  remember to factor in the time it takes a retailer to process your dorm supplies order, the actual transit time for your order to reach your college campus, the holiday rush, and the possibility of inclement weather.   Bottom line, it’s best to shop early to avoid delays and reduce costs!

To assist you in your dorm shopping this holiday season, here’s a breakdown of average transit times for standard shipping services typically used by today’s online retailers:

FedEx SmartPost5 to 10 Business DaysYes
UPS Ground1 to 5 Business DaysNo
FedEx Ground1 to 5 Business DaysYes
USPS Priority Mail2 to 3 Business DaysYes

Good luck this spring and remember to live Dorm Smart!

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