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July 18, 2011

How to Shop for Twin XL Sheets

Just My Opinion: "...Shopping for Twin XL Sheets can be very confusing for college bound students, especially when there are retailers both online and at physical storefronts who advertise twin sheets as twin XL sheets... they just don't understand the difference.  Generally speaking, selling dorm room supplies is not their full time focus or niche market. It's part-time or seasonal at best.
When shopping for Twin XL Sheet Sets this back to school season, remember to look for the actual sheet dimensions of each piece in the set.
To help students have a successful shopping trip, I'm listing two examples of advertisements below: one that provides shoppers with the correct information about twin XL sheets; and one that does not..."

What's correct in this Twin XL Sheet Set advertisement?

The ad below provides the actual dimensions for each piece in the Twin XL sheet set (that's good). To fit a Twin XL bed, the fitted sheet must be manufactured to fit an 80" long mattress NO EXCEPTIONS! The flat sheet may vary slightly in size between manufacturers and that's alright... just focus on the actual dimensions of the twin XL fitted sheet.
  • One Twin XL Fitted Sheet 39" x 80"
  • Fits Mattress Up to 18" Deep
  • One Twin XL Flat Sheet 70" x 102"
  • One Pillow Case 20" x 30" 

What's incorrect in this Twin XL Sheet Set advertisement?

The ad below fails to provide the dimensions of the most important part of the twin XL sheet set, the fitted sheet. In addition, it mentions that it fits a mattress size of 39" x 90". The standard twin XL mattress is 39" x 80" long, not 90". So even if these sheets look great, they may not fit.
  • One flat sheet. Fits mattress – 39" x 90"
  • One fitted sheet. Fits mattress up 12" deep
  • One standard pillowcase. Fits Pillow – 20" x 26" 

Fact or Fiction About Twin XL Sheets 

  • FICTION: A standard twin FITTED sheet will fit my twin XL bed.
  • FICTION: I can make an extra deep twin FITTED sheet properly fit my twin XL mattress. 
  • FACT: A standard twin FLAT sheet will fit my twin XL bed.
  • FACT: Most twin XL sheet sets include a standard size pillowcase. 

What can students do when shopping for twin XL sheets? 

If you see a twin XL sheet set you really like, verify the actual dimensions of the fitted sheet. The fitted sheet must be manufactured for a 80" long twin XL mattress to ensure a proper fit. If the retailer fails to provide that information, shop on...

In the event that your college has custom size beds in their dorm rooms, you can have your sheets custom made to fit. Just contact DormSmart.

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