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April 23, 2011

Shop Smart for Dorm Supplies...

Did you know that according to the  National Fire Protection Association... historically, cooking equipment has been involved in 75% of dormitory fires and those fires accounted for 62% of civilian deaths and 26% of civilian fire injuries?

LIVE DORM SMART TIP: Choose to be smart when you shop for dorm supplies, especially dorm appliances. Purchase smart dorm safe appliances that comply with your university's housing regulations versus non compliant appliances just because they're cheap in price.

Do & Do Not

Do check with your university housing office before purchasing appliances for your dorm room. Obviously you want to purchase appliances that your college considers dorm safe instead of confiscated contraband. How much money will you save if your cheap dorm appliance, meaning of lower quality or non compliant with your campus housing regulations, is confiscated and you have to buy another one?

Do not be swayed by any retailer or dorm supplies store that promotes dorm appliances by spreading propaganda "not facts" about your school (i.e. saying that schools are only pushing certain regulations or dorm appliances to make a buck for themselves...). The retailer should be focused on selling the features of their products versus selling assumptions about your school. At DormSmart, we consider this to be a desperate and unethical approach by a retailer to unload their inventory... sell non compliant dorm appliances to unsuspecting college students. Remember, your school is the final authority on what dorm appliances may be operated on their campus not the retailer.

Safety & Costs

Colleges and universities are responsible for their students' safety first and foremost. It only makes sense that they want to minimize the potential for loss of life or property damage. Building codes change over time and vary from state to state so your school housing officials probably know best what appliances will operate safely in their dorm rooms. In addition, if you purchase non compliant dorm appliances that continually trip your circuit breaker or cause damage to your building, then it only stands to reason that university maintenance costs will increase which ultimately results in increased tuition costs.

At DormSmart

At DormSmart, we would be the first to admit that we are big proponents of colleges and universities setting standards for students to apply when purchasing dorm appliances rather than setting brands that students must purchase. Doing so allows student shoppers to choose from a broader selection of appliances at different price points. (We've blogged about this topic a lot.) However, we are not proponents of retailers encouraging students to buy dorm appliances... any dorm supplies that they cannot legally use on "their" college campus (this varies from school to school). Exactly the reason we offer to contact your housing office for you, why we freely provide detailed information to you about the appliances we sell in our online dorm store, and also directly provide you with your school's dorm living guidelines through our Housing Connector.

We hope you will choose to shop smart & live Dorm Smart!,

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