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April 12, 2011

How long is a true twin xl comforter?

How long is a twin XL bed (twin extra long bed)?

A twin XL bed is 80 inches long, so the rule of thumb is to look for a twin xl comforter that is 90 inches or more in length. Some comforters that are 90 inches in length are marked as twin, so the best approach when shopping for a comforter to fit your twin XL bed is to read the fine print in the product detail.

What if I can't find a twin XL comforter I really like?

For some, it can be challenging to find a true twin XL comforter for your extra long dorm bed. If you cannot find a twin XL comforter you really like, you can make a standard twin comforter, 86 to 88 inches long work on your twin extra long bed. If you plan to raise your dorm bed, you can even opt for a full/queen size comforter (just make sure the pattern works). You can also order a custom twin XL comforter set in your favorite colors or school colors from, it measures a generous 98 inches in length... ample enough to cover your twin XL dorm bed ... a matching twin XL bed skirt, twin XL sheets and pillow sham is included in the package. In addition, we have optional matching curtains and decorative pillows too!

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