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April 1, 2011

How to Shop for the Best Dorm Fridge...


When purchasing a refrigerator freezer for your dorm room, keep this in mind…

Invest in a compact refrigerator freezer manufactured to run on a standard 15 Amp Circuit, a dorm sized appliance that cools with a compressor and has a separate true zero degree freezer. While those cute little box minifridges may be a cheap alternative, many cool with a fan not a compressor. The fan models tend to burn out more quickly and do not cool as efficiently. Bottom line, you want to invest your money in the best dorm fridge, a micro version of mom’s fridge that is efficient and can hold up to dorm life!

In addition, when shopping for and selecting the best dorm fridge for your college dorm room, ignore ads from manufacturers touting their product as the only game in town or trying to scare you into purchasing their product. Do your homework... read the fine print on the product specification sheets and manuals. (Beware of retailers that do not make product information readily available to you...  just keep shopping!) You'll find that there is more than one brand on the market that:
  • operates safely on standard 15 Amp circuitry;
  • offers a **true zero degree freezer for ice cream, frozen pizzas, and frozen dinners;
  • holds 2 liter bottles of soda;
  • provides an ample warranty on the compressor;
  • respects the environment - Energy Star® Qualified (30% below the Federal Standard = CEE Tier 3); and
  • is UL Listed.

**NOTE: If you come across a dorm fridge that includes a "separate true freezer compartment" ... you may want to keep shopping. This is not  a true zero degree freezer so if you are planning to save money by storing frozen foods for more than a few days then this is probably not the best dorm fridge for you. Here's a quote directly from the Haier Compact 2 Door Refrigerator Freezer 3.3 cu. ft. model's Use and Care Manual that best describes the intended use of  Haier's separate true freezer compartment:
"...This compartment is designed for making ice cubes and for short-term food storage (a few days at most)..."
Happy dorm fridge shopping and live Dorm Smart!

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