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February 9, 2011

Rhino Armor Trunk Review: Dorm Smart Tested and Approved Trunks...

By Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of
Creator of

Rhino Armor Trunk XXL - Available at
Team DormSmart recently took a 2-week road trip to promote our products and visit a few friends and family along the way. We decided this road trip would present the perfect opportunity to test our Rhino Armor Trunks and we want to share our experience with you!


These storage trunks are amazing! We were able to pack 2 weeks’ worth of clothing, accessories, our laptops… in our XXL Rhino Armor Trunk. Even better, we did not have to unpack in the hotel rooms. The trunk kept everything safe, dry, secure and organized. The hardwood tray really came in handy for organizing small items.


We were able to easily attach the wheels making the trunk mobile and pop them off in seconds when we wanted the trunk to be stationary.


The digital laptop safe, word lock, and trunk anchoring system were fantastic! We were able to store more than our laptop in the trunk laptop safe. We stored our jewelry, money, and credit cards too! We then locked the safe, locked the trunk with our word lock then attached the trunk to a piece of furniture using our cable anchoring system. The trunk and our valuables were not going anywhere!


Our Rhino Armor Trunk was definitely one of those multipurpose dorm products. We used it as a travel trunk, safe, clothing chest, and as additional seating in our hotel room over the two-week period!


While these dorm trunks come with a lifetime-limited warranty, we doubt you will have to use it! We traveled through snow and ice storms throughout the Midwest and East Coast. At the end of the trip, we looked haggard. Our car was buried in salt, snow, and ice… but our Rhino Armor Trunk still looked brand new!

Bottom line, these Rhino Armor Trunks are perfect for college dorm rooms, camps, military barracks, personal travel, and home storage … the best trunks for anyone anywhere! They are sturdy, attractive, and functional making them a great lifetime investment! Team DormSmart gives these dorm trunks 5 stars … by far they are best trunks on the market!

You definitely want to add a Rhino Armor Trunk to your college dorm essentials shopping list! Better still, add one to your high school graduation gift registry! These trunks make the perfect graduation gift, the perfect dorm trunk!

Live Dorm Smart!

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