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July 24, 2015

List of Items Not to Bring to College: Dorm Room Contraband

Dorm Room Contraband
Dorm Room Contraband

Since we are always writing about must have college dorm room essentials, we thought it would be a good idea to create a list of those items students should not bring to college, otherwise known as dorm room contraband. These items, listed in random order, made our top ten list at DormSmart:

#1 Pets

We realize there are a few colleges out there with pet friendly housing, and we applaud these trend setters. Unfortunately, the vast majority do not allow students to bring their family pet so do Fido a favor and leave him at home.

#2 Hot Plates and Toaster Ovens

Although we've noticed several retailers advertising a cute toaster oven and hot plate combo appliance this year, most schools consider any form of these items a fire hazard and have banned them from their dorm rooms. Don't waste your money, just use your dorm room microwave or residence hall kitchen.

#3 Weapons

Leave your guns and knives at home please, including paint ball and stun guns! Check with your campus police to see what security products you can legally use for protection on your college or university campus. Some schools even ban pepper spray and the average kitchen knife on campus 

#4 Expensive Jewelry

We all like it and want to keep it! If you choose not to heed this advice and bring it, at least invest in a good  dorm room safe.

#5 Large Sums of Cash

You may as well donate it to charity and take the tax deduction because if it’s stolen, how do you prove it was yours? "Duh, it had a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it officer, honest."

#6 Large Screen Television

We hear about this a lot. Not a great idea in limited space.  Even if it is not contraband on your campus, it is smarter to dorm room size your electronics.

#7 Full Size Appliances

Attempting to hide a stocked full size refrigerator in a college dorm room is not the best idea and could be unsafe on the existing circuitry. We have to wonder how students manage to get one past their RA. Even if you're a caffeine addict, a 24-cup coffeemaker is out of the question. Can you really drink that much coffee before your 8:00 a.m. class? Live safer and dorm room size your appliances.

#8 Illegal Drugs or Alcohol

Seriously, do we need to say more?

#9 Candles or Incense

Keep your dorm room fire free. Opt for air freshener and soft lighting.

#10 Boyfriend or Girlfriend

While you may miss each other and we feel your pain, it really isn’t appropriate or fair to your roommate to move your boyfriend or girlfriend into your college dorm room, especially when they aren’t enrolled.

    Just a few more tips to live smarter on campus from DormSmart. Good luck this school year!

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