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July 29, 2017

Using College Checklists to Plan and Organize Move-in Weekend

Using College Checklists to Plan and Organize Move-in Weekend
College checklists are popping up all over the internet of late; some with good advice and some with not so good advice for college bound students, especially freshmen. The worst advice I have seen thus far, is recommending that students save a little shipping money and time by "waiting" to shop over move-in weekend or during their first week of classes instead of planning and organizing their move early.

To preface my comments below, before and after founding DormSmart, I personally experienced college move-in weekends with my own students. This is what we learned, good and bad:

College Move-in Weekend = ONLY TWO DAYS

It’s a weekend, typically two fun-filled hot days, with hopefully no rain, of:
  • arriving on campus;
  • finding a place to park and obtaining a permit for the weekend;
  • picking up the keys to and inspecting your dorm room;
  • completing the required orientation for your residence hall;
  • getting your mailbox;
  • getting your student id card;
  • registering your bike or vehicle;
  • moving your belongings into your dorm room;
  • unpacking and organizing your dorm room;
  • possibly waiting for your microfridge to be delivered if you have a rental;
  • picking up your text books;
  • confirming your class schedule and locating your classes; and
  • more...
all while attending mandatory activities, for you and your family, designed to give students a smart start at college.

Did I mention that you’ll be waiting in line to complete most of these tasks? Hopefully, you won't be one of those lucky students who has an audition, practice, or activity for their athletics, arts, or other school organizations over move-in weekend. My youngest daughter actually attended practices and performed during her freshmen move-in weekend.

Shopping Over Move-In Weekend Can = DISAPPOINTMENT

Let’s forget about how you or your family will manage to find the time over move-in weekend to locate and drive to stores near campus because once you get there, you’ll probably be disappointed when you realize that the selection is either limited or picked over and the checkout lines are long. After all, it is back to school shopping season for students of all ages.

You can choose to wait to shop for college supplies during the first week of classes, but you’ll delay getting organized before classes start and your help will be headed back home. Even worse, you may be one of the many freshmen who do not have a vehicle to drive to the store and transport their purchases back to campus. Maybe you can recruit some help while you are locating and waiting for the campus shuttle. Hopefully, the shuttle schedule will fit into your class schedule and can accommodate transporting all your purchases. If not, you can make a few trips.

Using College Checklists to Plan and Organize Move-in Weekend = A Smart Start for Freshmen

By this time, I am sure you get my point… move-in weekend is a busy time for students, family members, and colleges. It is best to use tools such as college checklists to plan your move and complete tasks ahead of time. Whether you personalize our dorm room checklist, use a checklist provided by your college, or create your own checklist... it will help you have an organized move to campus so you can take advantage of the many activities over move-in weekend that provide freshmen with a smart start at college.

Good luck at college and live dorm smart!

July 3, 2017

When Shopping for College, Shop for You!

When shopping for college, remember articles such as this one and tools like our Dorm Room Checklist, are just there for students to use as a general guide of what they may or may not want to bring on campus. Ultimately, it's about you!

For example, some schools actually accept electronic submissions of assignments or offer electronic printing services so you may not need a printer. But if your school requires a hard copy or if you are someone who procrastinates, like my daughter, having a printer in your dorm room may be safer than walking across campus in the middle of the night to print an assignment. Also, some schools charge for printing services and do not offer color options.

For students who do not care about ironing their clothes, forget ironing supplies. But for those of you who like a crease or participate in business or military related student activities that may require one, then bring ironing supplies to campus if policy permits. Just make sure the iron is UL listed and features 3-way auto shutoff, in case it's left on or gets knocked over. Because there is really no need for two irons and ironing boards to take up space in a dorm room, be sure to coordinate with your roommate. As for students who favor steamers, like irons, they too have heating elements; so, if you bring one to campus with you, just make sure it is a UL listed appliance that auto shuts off and is school approved. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to forego using the commercial dryers at the campus laundry to de-wrinkle your clothes. It can become a costly and energy consuming habit.

For those students who enjoy watching television and movies on their laptop or tablet, you just saved a little more space in your college dorm room. However, for those of you who do not enjoy the experience or use your electronics for other activities while watching the television, like many of us, it is fine to bring one with you as long as it is dorm room size.

At the end of the day, it’s your dorm room and you have to live in it. This is your home away from home and you should be able to bring whatever style of bedding, necessities, electronics, or school approved appliances to help you transition to and be successful at college. So get what you need, get organized, hit the books, and enjoy the ride.

As always, remember to check and respect your campus housing policies before shopping and packing for college and live dorm smart!